Although there is no magic formula to losing fat — apart from being in a caloric deficit — here are 100 fat loss tips to help make your fat loss journey a lot easier.

Fat Loss Tips: How To Boost Basal Metabolic Rate

Fat Loss Tips
Fat Loss Tips: Andreas Munzer — the most shredded pro-bodybuilder in history

One of the best ways to speed up fat loss is to boost your basal metabolic rate.

This means you an burn more calories at rest, thus giving you more leeway as to what you can eat to achieve similar results.

  1. Build Muscle
  2. Cold Exposure
  3. Caffeine Consumption
  4. Green Tea — or our homemade fat burner
  5. Consuming higher proportions of protein vs other macros
  6. Eating spicy foods
  7. Eat more fiber
  8. Drinking cold water
  9. Supplementing Fucoxanthin*
  10. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle
  11. Boost testosterone by cutting out vegetable oils/soy products
  12. Get proper sleep
  13. Eliminate stress
  14. Get more sex
  15. Cut out toxic people from your life (who raise your stress levels)

Fat Loss Tips: Exercise Tips

training plateau
Arnie break training plateaus with cheat cable rows

In the past, we’ve written about how entering a gentle caloric deficit is easier with the introduction of low intensity steady state cardio (LISS) while downplaying high intensity interval training’s (HIIT) overhyped “afterburn” effect.

The esteemed “afterburn” effect is merely excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and can have a marginal effect in raising total calories burnt at rest.

One of the things to consider is that, although we are trying to burn as many calories as possible, fat loss should be sustainable for it to be effective in the long run.

  1. Do compound movements
  2. Squat
  3. Deadlift
  4. Row
  5. Bench Press
  6. Download a step tracker and try to perform at least 10k steps per day
  7. Do LISS after HIIT
  8. Do cardio after weights
  9. LISS is the surest way to burn most overall calories sustainably
  10. Never put weight training on the back burner
  11. Don’t follow exercise programs with a high risk of injury
  12. Don’t do cardio that can damage bones/joints — long-distance running while overweight can cause shin splints or painful inflammation
  13. Swim if your joints/shins ache from other forms of cardio
  14. Find exercises you are comfortable with and can perform week in week out
  15. Don’t try to lose fat first before building muscle
  16. You can’t outcardio a bad diet
  17. Being alive is the most sustainable metabolically-expensive activity
  18. Don’t waste time and energy on useless exercises
  19. Learn which exercises best suit your body type
  20. Hire a personal trainer if you can’t navigate around a gym
  21. Download our free eBook here
  22. Drink black coffee to power workouts in a deficit
  23. Don’t forget to stretch

Fat Loss Tips: Suppressing Appetite

If you’re in a prolonged caloric deficit, ghrelin will eventually launch volleys of furious attacks in an effort to derail your cut.

Snacking may become irresistibly tempting, but there are ways to stave off the inevitable hunger pangs.

Some of these fat loss tips have been previously mentioned, but their duplicate use is merely to underscore their utility when it comes to burning fat.

  1. Drink Water
  2. Drink Coffee
  3. Drink my Magic Fat-Burning Potion
  4. Drink sparkling water/diet sodas
  5. Eat sugar-free Jello
  6. Eat Shirataki noodles
  7. Pile on the salad
  8. Stock up on cruciferous vegetables
  9. Eat more protein
  10. Make your food spicy
  11. Eat more fiber
  12. Cut out stress
  13. Seek therapy/weed out root cause of overeating — if necessary
  14. Practice intermittent fasting if portion control is a problem
  15. Curb sugar consumption
  16. Avoid drinking alcohol
  17. Drink water before large meal
  18. Eat proteins before carbs
  19. Stock up on low-fat cottage cheese/Greek yogurt
  20. Air fried unsweetened popcorn is very filling and relatively low calorie
  21. Keep fruit around — nobody ever got fat from eating fruit

If you need help with nutrition, we recommend that you purchase our Nutrition Bundle to get your diet on track.

Fat Loss Tips: Day-to-Day Practical Tips

Here are some practical changes you could make to ensure your diet stays on track.

Lifestyle choices are something almost entirely overlooked when it comes to dispensing fat loss tips.

However, a poor lifestyle may reinforce poor eating habits that led you to read this article in the first place.

  1. Download a calorie tracker — try
  2. Download a step tracker
  3. Out of sight, out of mind: keep all junk food out of your home
  4. Talk to family members and kindly ask them to respect your decision to lose fat
  5. Walk everywhere
  6. Take the stairs wherever possible
  7. Take frequent screen breaks
  8. Walk for 10-15 minutes after every meal
  9. Keep fridge fully stocked with low-to-no calorie snacks/drinks
  10. Sleep 8-9 hours a night — make it a priority to get enough rest
  11. No TV/blue light within 2 hours before bedtime
  12. Get sunshine
  13. Remember, it is a lifestyle change — not a fad or yo-yo diet
  14. Don’t lower your calories too drastically
  15. Reduce calories gradually
  16. If you hit a plateau, do slightly more cardio or take off a few calories
  17. Eat less calorie-dense foods for a more pain-free fat loss process
  18. Supplement Zinc, Magnesium, Vit D, and Creatine to help power your days
  19. Avoid social situations that might hinder your progress. E.G., going to a party with acquaintances who might encourage binge drinking
  20. Spend more time with active family members
  21. Instead of meeting friends at bars, encourage outdoor/gym activities
  22. Educate yourself on what you’re doing
  23. Be patient — fat loss doesn’t happen overnight
  24. Take before and after selfies
  25. Listen to mindset audiobooks to remain determined
  26. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it may be a slower grind than you had hoped
  27. Know that many “impressive” physiques are unachievable to most people
  28. Learn to be happy with yourself
  29. Find a reason to continue building
  30. Keep a journal documenting your mood
  31. Remember: the better you get, the easier you get
  32. It’s a learning curve to see what works for you

Fat Loss Tips: Small Dietary Changes

6 best superfoods for men
6 best superfoods for men

This particular section of fat loss tips is to offer small dietary changes you can make to subtly enter a caloric deficit.

  1. Swap red meat for white meat
  2. Use oil sparingly where possible
  3. Avoid processed and fast food
  4. Avoid calorie-dense food
  5. Don’t consume liquid calories
  6. Alcohol will give you munchies
  7. Drink liquor over beer if you are going to drink alcohol
  8. Eat your food slowly
  9. Proteins before carbs

Implementing a handful of these fat loss tips will give you an edge over how you would be without them in the first place.

If you need help with nutrition, we recommend that you purchase our Nutrition Bundle to get your diet on track.

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