You may have seen some people do the Landmine Press at the gym, but felt hesitant to include it into your workout.

But you could be missing out by failing to implement this exercise.

Although it doesn’t offer the same resistance as the Bench Press or Overhead Press, it is far kinder on the shoulders and elbows than any barbell pressing movement.

What’s more, if you train for functional strength, you should look to include this exercise in your program.

Not only does it hit the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps, but it is also a Twist pattern movement that will partially stimulate your core and even your legs to some degree if you perform this exercise from a standing position.

Why You Should Do The Landmine Press

Do the Landmine Press for More Comfortable Shoulder Gains | BarBend

1. It is Easier On The Shoulders and Elbows

That’s right, there’s a reason why older gym goers tend to perform this movement when they hit the gym — it’s far more comfortable on the joints than a barbell press.

Those who suffer from joint issues, wear and tear, or who are nursing injuries, but what to train with a decent amount of volume should consider using the landmine press on their shoulder or chest days.

The other option would be to opt for dumbbell presses, but the Landmine Press follows a far more natural range of motion than any other pressing movement.

2. It is More “Functional” Than Other Pressing Movements

How To Do The Landmine Press | Coach

The “functional” misnomer is a personal pet peeve of mine, but I reluctantly use it in this rare context.

Let’s be real, you’re never gonna bench 400lb by only doing Landmine Presses, and if you can bench 400lb, you will always Landmine Press more than somebody who’s only ever Landmine Pressed.

But — but — the Landmine Press does follow a natural pressing movement — a punching movement — which affords the shoulder and elbow far more freedom than with a dumbbell or barbell.

Athletes looking to become stronger strikers, punchers, or fenders should at least throw in Landmine Presses to complement their upper body workouts — as strength is a skill and coordination needs to be practiced.

Read this article if you want to learn how to punch harder for your martial art.

3. It’s Another Great Exercise For Your Arsenal

Instead of scrummaging over the last available bench on Monday, this is a great option to employ if all of the remaining gym equipment is taken.

There’s nothing more frustrating than cutting your workout short or waiting for some casual to finish browsing Instagram between sets to free up the bench.

Now you have an extra option — and you can choose to do a few sets of Landmine Presses instead of waiting around.

How to do the Landmine Press

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