Some People Aren’t Convinced

As if you need convincing to lift weights, amirite? What’s not to love?

Despite the love of pumping iron millions around the globe confess, there are still millions of others who might need convincing.

We’ve all heard the lily-livered excuses offered — “I don’t have time to go to the gym” (*proceeds to watch 5 hours of Netflix a day*), “I don’t get much out of weights,” “it’s bad for your back,” “I’m scared to become ‘over-muscled.'” Excuses, excuses, excuses — I’ve heard it all.

The people who are scared of getting ‘over-muscled’ wouldn’t train hard enough to elicit enough of a stimulus to grow enough muscle to get ANYWHERE near their fears.

You’re not going to make Craig Golias levels of gains by going to the gym 3x a week and eating a balanced diet of 3000 calories a day.

why you should lift weights - image via
Craig Golias’ remarkable transformation

To get that big, you’d need to sleep, breathe, bleed training. And not only that; you’d need to be constantly on harsh compounds AND eat a huge amount of calories per day AND have the right genetics just to MAINTAIN anything near the man mountain’s size.

The reality is, most men even with performance enhancing drugs and an airtight diet/training regimen wouldn’t get close to becoming ‘over-muscled.’

Grizzly Kyriakos
“Grizzly” — an astoundingly strong unconventional lifter

And you won’t get as big as the above gentleman either — who needs a Herculean caloric intake to maintain his Goliath size.

(Apologies for the tangential rant — the ‘over-muscled’ meme is a personal pet peeve.)

Those of you who tentatively think about going to the gym, here are reasons why you SHOULD lift weight.

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Here’s Why

  1. You will look better than >90% of your peers
  2. Better posture — if you’re not an idiot about training
  3. Greater libido and attractiveness
  4. Higher testosterone levels
  5. Lowered risk of depression
  6. Improved cardiovascular health
  7. Higher base metabolic rate
  8. (You can eat more without getting fat)
  9. (Greater energy levels)
  10. Lower net body fat
  11. Greater bone density
  12. Lower risk of injury
  13. Lower risk of injury in late adulthood
  14. Greater levels of confidence
  15. More athleticism
  16. Faster sprinting speed through greater rate of force development
  17. Improved quality of life and life expectancy
  18. Stronger connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, etc.)
  19. Look cool AF
  20. Instills good behaviors
  21. Lower time preferences/more discipline
  22. Easier to lose fat
  23. Muscle memory if you have lengthy breaks in training
  24. Fun hobby
  25. Help develops high-quality friendships in gym
  26. Better sleep
  27. Lowered chronic inflammation and risk of disease
  28. Better insulin sensitivity
  29. Increased brain function
  30. Better sex

You’re only fooling yourself if you see this list and think: “I’d rather not enjoy these myriad benefits and go back to guzzling high-fructose corn syrup drinks, stuffing my face with processed food, and binging on inane streaming service shows instead of exponentially improving my quality of life.”

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