There are many iconic bodybuilding figures but few carry the same weight as Frank Zane. Recently an amazing crossover with the 3x Mr. Olympia and the famous bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn was posted on the latter’s Youtube channel, where the two shared some great fitness tips and reminisced over their careers and experiences.

Frank Zane is often repeated to have one of the most aesthetic physiques out of any bodybuilder. He did not get this way without extensive training and knowledge, which Mike O’Hearn was lucky enough to get a glimpse into in his most recent video. 

The two gathered in Zane’s home gym in California for a workout. While some might speculate it takes a lot of different equipment to get into Zane’s shape, as it turns out his gym was relatively small. When asked about it, Zane simply responded;

“This is everything I need”

During the workout, Zane revealed his favorite exercise, one that helped him earn his three Olympia titles; the cable pulldown. Using a wide, neutral grip Zane stated it is similar to doing a wide grip pullup (which he doesn’t particularly like). Additionally, by using a neutral grip, Zane says he feels less pressure on his elbows.

In between sets, O’Hearn talks to Zane about his trophies, which were displayed on a wall in his gym. Zane won the Mr. Olympia every year from 1977-1979. Unfortunately, he underwent an intense injury in 1980, ending his streak. In the video, Zane clarified his mindset at the time, saying;

“I wanted to go four in a row but I never made it”.

Zane ended up competing in the Olympia that year but at a lower weight. While he still did a good job during the competition, Zane admitted he was disappointed and regretted competing because he was not his best. He said;

“The thing I learned in bodybuilding is when you’re competing, you not only got to be better than everybody else but you have to be the best you’ve ever been.”

That might be harsh to a normal person but it definitely demonstrates how intense Zane’s mindset still is. Check out the video below to witness Zane’s advice first hand. 

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