Losing fat doesn’t have to be painstakingly time consuming. You can accelerate fat loss by implementing certain tips into your diet plan to bring you closer to your dream physique faster than you would expect.

Nobody likes to go on a diet.

You are constantly uncomfortable — and fat loss can be slow.

There are days, weeks, months where the mirror doesn’t mirror the drop in weight the scales seem to say.

And you want to reveal the fruits of your labor in dieting fast.

Whether it is to take your shirt off at the beach or fit into that cute dress for your friend’s wedding, the only way to lose fat is to enter a calorie deficit.

We need to come up with crafty ways to increase your calorie deficit without increasing hunger or making you feel worn out.

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Accelerate Fat Loss

We won’t be reinventing the wheel with these tips.

The goal is to simply make you lose fat faster, with less discomfort, and without wanting to give up.

One of the reasons many dieters quit their diet is because they can’t see the point of their efforts if the fat doesn’t come off at the pace they want.

1. Eat More Protein

animal protein

You will see this point brought up in many similar articles.

And with good reason — protein is the master macronutrient for revolutionizing your body.

Protein will accelerate fat loss due to the thermic effect.

Your body will burn 25-30% of protein’s calories through digestion alone.

This means that your net calories burned will be higher than through consuming other macronutrients.

Another benefit of protein is its satiety, keeping you fuller for longer.

Protein will also help keep sugar cravings at bay.

But this isn’t an excuse to overeat protein.

A calorie is a calorie — no matter whether if it comes from fat, carbs, protein, or alcohol.

By eating more protein, you should increase your macronutrient ratio to include more protein at the expense of carbs/fat while keeping your calories in a deficit.

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2. Build More Muscle

This one is a longer play as muscle takes years to build — even with performance enhancing drugs.

But assuming that you train hard and recover well, you can put on 15lb of muscle in a year.

This alone will help you burn more calories at rest and play, as muscle is metabolically active tissue unlike fat.

It is estimated that each pound of muscle can help you burn an additional 6-15 calories per lb of muscle per day.

Imagine what you could do with 20+ lb of muscle?

Gym workouts aren’t necessarily to burn calories, but to create a calorie-burning furnace out of your body for years to come.

3. Drink Green Tea/Black Coffee

Raging Bull Coffee -- the final result
Raging Bull Coffee — the final result

Research has shown that caffeine can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate by around 3% through its thermic effect.

It’s not all that much, but if you time your caffeine consumption well, and consume a cup of green tea or black coffee every 2-3 hours, you can burn an additional 100-120 calories per day.

Over a month, this can equate to another pound of fat lost without having to eat fewer calories or increase your expenditure through vigorous exercise.

Moreover, caffeinated drinks can help suppress your appetite levels and make it easier to sustain a fast.

Overall, as we should repeat ad nauseam, the only thing that will trigger fat loss is a calorie deficit. Anything that helps facilitate this should be considered.

But, don’t allow caffeine or stimulants ruin your fat loss by disrupting your sleep.

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4. Sleep More


This one seems self-explanatory or obvious as if you’re awake for fewer hours, you have a lower chance of overeating, right?

Well, apart from this, poor sleep can wreak havoc on your body and make the conditions for fat loss almost impossible.

Poor sleep not only destroys your motivation or athletic performance, but it will turn your body into a fat-storing machine.

Your hunger hormones will become dysregulated, forcing you to be hungrier and crave sugary/fatty foods as well as tampering with your ability to know when you’re full.

Furthermore, your stress — cortisol — levels will increase, adding to your sugary/fatty food cravings and your body will begin to favor using muscle tissue for energy instead of fat stores.

A final point to add would be that poor sleep will also ruin your motivation to continue dieting. Rash, emotional decisions can be made when calmer heads would traditionally prevail.

5. Add Weight to Your Walks — Rucking!

Walking is the best form of cardio for fat loss.

As your body burns fat and loses weight, the amount of calories burned through exercise or walking will begin to fall off a cliff.

Therefore, you will need to keep caloric expenditure high when you do your cardio (walks).

And you do this by adding weight to your body.

Let’s say that you weighed 270lb when you first started dieting and you lost 50lb. You are now stuck at 220lb and cannot lose anymore weight. Try walking the same distance with a 50lb weighted vest or rucksack to continue burning calories and accelerate fat loss at the pace when you started.

Aside from torching way more calories, you will also give your abs, upper back, and legs one heck of a workout in the process!

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