The purpose of this list is to aggregate some fat loss tips you may or may not be familiar with when it comes to losing weight.

Fat loss, in theory, is very simple, but putting it into practice is far harder to do.

Instead of trawling through several articles or videos on the subject, we have compiled a simple list of tips that you could apply to your lifestyle and diet in order to help you reach your goals successfully.

As somebody with ample experience in try to lose fat — and failing — I know how difficult it is for a lot of people to keep the fork down.

Getting the diet under control is only half of the battle; not losing sight of your goals or losing hope when the scales fail to budge after putting in the effort can be crushing.

Without much further ado, here are our fat loss tips:

50 Easy Fat Loss Tips

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  1. Build muscle to increase your base metabolic rate — and increase fat loss
  2. Do light cardio to deepen your caloric deficit
  3. Take long walks in nature for heart, body, mind, and soul
  4. Remember, it is a lifestyle change — not a fad or yo-yo diet
  5. Don’t lower your calories too drastically
  6. Reduce calories gradually
  7. If you hit a plateau, do slightly more cardio or take off a few calories
  8. Eat less calorie-dense foods for a more pain-free fat loss process
  9. Drink green tea
  10. Drink black coffee
  11. Drink sparkling water/diet sodas if you’re struggling with hunger pangs
  12. Make sugar-free jello to satiate cravings
  13. Get 8-9 hours of sleep
  14. Eat more protein
  15. Restrict sugar intake or foods that may increase propensity to pig out
  16. Track your calories — you can’t out-cardio a bad diet
  17. Address the root cause to your overeating
  18. Educate yourself on what you’re doing
  19. Be patient — fat loss doesn’t happen overnight
  20. Do heavy compound lifts
  21. Squat
  22. Deadlift
  23. Row
  24. Bench Press
  25. Swim if your joints/shins ache from other forms of cardio
  26. Reduce your stress levels
  27. Drink chamomile tea before bed
  28. Don’t remain seated for extended periods of time if it can be avoided
  29. Download at step tracker
  30. Don’t get discouraged if you pig out; get back on the horse
  31. You can make up for caloric surpluses by marginally reducing calories later
  32. You can treat yourself — in moderation
  33. Learn to find replacements for calorie-dense foods you love
  34. You shouldn’t be suffering
  35. Dieting doesn’t have to be chicken, rice, and broccoli 24/7
  36. Pick up a new hobby
  37. Phase out toxic people in your life driving you to overeat
  38. Save up the money you didn’t spend on junk food
  39. Keep your cardio interesting, alternate behind walking, aerobic, HIIT, etc, if you need change
  40. Experiment with new training styles if you’re new
  41. Track your progress
  42. Take before and after selfies
  43. Listen to mindset audiobooks to remain determined
  44. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it may be a slower grind than you had hoped
  45. Know that many “impressive” physiques are unachievable to most people
  46. Learn to be happy with yourself
  47. Swap out red meat for white meat or fish
  48. Eat more fiber
  49. Don’t get frustrated and yo-yo diet
  50. And finally, the best tip of them all, don’t get fat in the first place

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