Being fat sucks. And let’s not dance around it, either. There are literally no upsides to being fat — unless you’re trying to impress a toxic enabling fetishist, but I repeat myself.

We now live in an age where movements such as “fat acceptance” and “body positivity” have been designed or co-opted to shirk blame for one’s poor life choices.

I, a former fatty, know all too well how crap it is to be overweight.

It sucks — being fat sucks.

There is nothing positive about it — being fat sucks, but people will still flock to trendy causes shifting the blame. The fleeting dopamine hits you acquire via pizza goes away quick, and then there’s nothing but regret.

Being fat sucks
What happens next?

Of course, wanting to make a change and breaking bad habits are easier said than done.

Nearly 95% of all diets fail — mostly because they’re unsustainable.

But that’s enough of that — let’s just right into the “Why Being Fat Sucks” list:

Why Being Fat SUCKS — A List

6 best superfoods for men
6 best superfoods for men

1) You’re Less Traditionally Attractive
2) Chronic Inflammation
3) Digestive Problems
4) Diarrhea
5) Weaker Immune System
6) Low Testosterone
7) Joint & Back Pain
8) Poor Skin
9) Hormonal Imbalances
10) Low Testosterone
11) Lower Energy Levels
12) Social Exclusion
13) Insulin Resistance
14) Proneness to Type II Diabetes
15) Cellulite
16) Stretch Marks
17) High Blood Pressure
18) Increased LDL Cholesterol & atherosclerosis
19) Breathlessness
20) Sleep Apnea
21) Reduced Athletic Performance/sedentary lifestyle
22) Chronic Heartburn
23) Injury Proneness due to extra load
24) Shorter Life Expectancy
25) Proneness to Metabolic Syndrome
26) Increased Risk of Cancer
27) Increased Risk of Heart Disease
28) Body Odor
29) Sweatiness
30) Finding fitting clothes
31) Finding flattering clothes
32) Body image issues — reluctance to disrobe in public settings e.g. pool, beach
33) Low(er) Self-Esteem
34) Reproductive Issues
35) Low sperm count
36) Poor circulation
37) Erectile dysfunction
38) Low libido
39) Heavier breathing/Mouth breathing
40) Higher likelihood of dying from disease
41) Greater-than-average medical costs
42) Difficulty in adopting healthier dietary habits
43) Increased risk of sudden death
44) Increased risk of psychological issues stemming from obesity
45) Chafing
46) Skin problems related to extra bulk/extra hygiene required
47) Swelling
48) Higher likelihood of developing stress injuries
49) Loose skin
50) Increased risk of stroke

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If you’re currently overweight or obese and some of these points have affected you — which, I’m sure at least a handful will — don’t fret or be alarmed since there are various courses of action you can take.

The internet is a trove of resources that can lead you to a better, healthier, and happier you.

Being fat sucks, but Herculean Strength hosts a myriad of articles to help get you back down to a trimmer size.

We even have a FREE eBook to give you the basics, too!

But if you don’t have time for that, you can read the below article which I have compiled after multiple years of experience battling the bulge!

You honestly don’t have to suffer when attempting to lose weight.

It can be done.

It just may take longer than you’d like — which is why it’s important to set realistic goals.

You are bound to plateau eventually.

And you need to be prepared for when that happens.

You may feel disheartened, but you shouldn’t lose sight of what you set out for.

Even a marginal improvement translates to less inflammation, higher testosterone levels, and stress taken off your poor belabored joints.

Looser clothes uplift the spirit; looser pants boost your confidence.

Being fat sucks and obesity is a horrible place to be — believe me, I know first hand; I’m a podium placing yo yo dieter of sorts.

There is no shame in admitting your faults, but there is shame in making fanciful, trendy excuses for your lack of personal responsibility.

The amount of respect people will have for you in transforming your body will be something to marvel!

A video on why being fat sucks

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