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arnold schwarzenegger misses arnold classic

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Miss Arnold Classic UK after Leg Injury

The Arnold Sports Festival UK kicks off today, October 1, with the Arnold Classic UK bodybuilding contest being one of most anticipated events of the year. Yet, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the eponymous founder of the contest, cannot attend this year’s contest due to a leg injury.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Misses Arnold Classic

This year has been incredible for the Arnold Classic competitions. Just a month ago, Nick Walker shocked the world by taking first place at the 2021 Arnold Classic US during his first ever try, earning his way into the 2021 Olympia. Now thirteen athletes have gathered in Birmingham, England to compete in the Arnold Classic UK open division and grab a spot in the 2022 Olympia. 

With such high hopes riding on this contest, many were counting on Arnold Schwarzenegger to officiate the competition and congratulate the winner in person as this is the first ever Arnold Classic held in England. However, a recent leg injury has disrupted these expectations. 

Many fans were rightfully disappointed by a recent instagram post by Schwarzenegger which explained why he would not be attending this year’s event. The caption reads:

“I’m sad to announce I won’t be able to see the @arnoldsportsuk in person this year. The team has done such a fantastic job, and I’ll be 100% with you guys virtually, doing my q and a and using technology to be at the event. I can’t wait to see you in person next year.”


In the video, he goes into greater detail about why, all while feeding his pet donkey, Lulu. He explains why he can’t travel, stating:

“I am very upset that I cannot make it because of my leg condition. I injured my leg, my foot, and my calf, and the doctor told me not to travel” 

While it is incredibly sad that Schwarzenegger cannot make it to the show, there will still be plenty of fitness celebrity appearances, including big names such as Eddie Hall, Dolph Lundgreen, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and 8x Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman. 

It’s been a tough year for Schwarzenegger. After making the infamous “Screw your Freedoms” statement regarding Covid-19 earlier this year, a lot of people and sponsors, such as Redcon1, have distanced themselves from the bodybuilding icon. Hopefully, as he narrates the Arnold Classic UK from online he can salvage his reputation and regain some of the fans he lost. 

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