The Adonis Belt — Greek God abs — is often thought of as being one of the sexiest body parts, but a lot of men struggle to achieve anything close to resembling this coveted look.

Training your obliques directly, ad nauseam, may lead you to give up your quest to achieve this rare feature.

And there are better ways to get there.

The Best Exercises to Get an Adonis Belt — Greek God Abs

adonis belt greek god abs

In this article we will examine the best exercises to get the elusive Adonis Belt.

Now, the first choice is a little bit of a cop out, but it needs to be said.

The others include an indirect movement that will add slabs of mass to the target area, a tough calisthenics exercise that will challenge the entire core, and an isometric that can be done from anywhere to help sculpt the Adonis Belt to get your Greek God Abs.

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1. Lose Fat

v-taper frank zane adonis belt

While it isn’t an exercise, per se, the principle to getting an Adonis Belt is the same as getting a six pack or Greek God Abs: if you’re carrying too much body fat, it won’t be visible.

And while it is also true that some lifters can have visible abs at higher body fat percentages, this will not be the case for the majority of men.

Although you can build your obliques so that your Adonis Belt is visible at higher body fat percentages, the surefire way to reveal these hard-to-come-by features is to lose fat.

Losing fat will even reveal less developed obliques — but, like with abs, they’re less impressive when you’re just skinny.

Sprinting while losing fat will also help bring out this mythical body part.

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2. Heavy Front Squats/Deadlifts

These exercises will indirectly target your Adonis Belt to give you Greek God abs, but you won’t know what hit you the days after some heavy front squats or deadlifts.

Not enough bros who strive for physical greatness employ heavy front squats or deadlifts as they require too much effort.

Others believe that it would thicken their waistline, thus detracting from their overall look and V-taper.

However, these lifters are leaving a lot at the table in terms of developing their adonis belt.

The sheer effort required to stabilize heavy loads in the front squat and deadlift will force the lifter to recruit their lower abdominal muscles, essential to forging a poppin’ Adonis Belt.

3. Windshield Wipers

This twisting exercise is a little harder to do for beginners. Lighter beginners may be able to do this exercise, but most will require some carefully regimented training before being able to execute this movement properly.

This twisting exercise will hit your abdominal muscle hard — very hard.

If you can’t do them, consider trying Russian Twists or Russian Rows instead or until you build up the strength to do Windshield Wipers for your Greek God Ab-like Adonis Belt.

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4. Side Planks

Finally, we have included an isometric exercise to strengthen your obliques.

Some beginners may struggle with the aforementioned exercises, but most novice lifters should be able to hold a side plank for at least 10 seconds.

While we do recommend that fat loss is key to no just getting an Adonis Belt, but also facilitates the completion of the above listed exercises with greater ease.

And since some people will still be locked down, this is an exercise you can do at home a few times a week until gyms reopen.

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