In a trumphiant return to powerlifting after a 36 year absence, Bev Francis competed in the 65-69 year old division at a recent Powerlifting Australia meet. Her performance was nothing short of incredible, breaking six world records. 

Bev Francis has had quite the career as an athlete. Already as a teenager, she was a national shotput champion. After making the swtich to powerlifting in her 20’s, Francis proved to be one of the best from 1980-85. In 1980 she held all the world records in the 82.5kg division and became the first woman in history to bench 150kg (300lb) in 1982. She then tried her hand at bodybuilding and placed frequently in the top three at the Ms. Olympia throughout the 90’s.

As the founder and owner of Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, the famous powerlifting gym based in Long Island, Francis has had a lot on her plate. However, her recent powerlifting training has really motivated her to return to the sport that she loves so much. Clearly that love is deep as she broke six world records despite her age and previous injuries.


Francis actually managed to make these world records seem like light work. She broke the deadlift and squat records in her intial lifts, only to break them a second time. Coupled with an amazing record-breaking bench, Francis managed to set the total record as well, meaning she currently holds all the world records in the 65-69 year old division.

Here a list of all her numbers:

  • Squat:  95kg (209.4lb)
  • Bench Press: 60kg (132.3lb) 
  • Deadlift: 120kg (264.6lb)
  • Total: 275kg (606.3lb)

Francis is truly an athletic icon, and this recent competition just shows her legacy is well-deserved. Maintaining such strength at her age is truly impressive. 

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