Bodybuilder Bola Ojex suffered a gruesome double quad tear while squatting, just a month out from contest.

Bola Ojex Quad Tear

IFBB pro bodybuilder Bola Ojex, before and after his devastating double quad tear

Double Quad Tear from Hell

Just a month or so out from the New York Pro, which he was hoping would be his ticket to this year’s Mr Olympia, IFBB pro Bola Ojex suffered a devastating double quadricep tear during training.

The news was reported in an Instagram post by Dani Younan, an IFBB competitor in the Classic Physique division. In his post, Younan wrote:

“Please pray for my brother Bola… yesterday during our leg workout he tore both of his quadriceps squatting, one was partially torn & and one was completely torn… Bola was 6 weeks out from NY Pro, it was the best I’ve ever seen him! His surgery went very well & he’s rest and recovering right now, he will be back better and stronger!”

Bodybuilding legend Shawn Ray provided further details on the nature of Bola’s injury. In an Instagram post he stated that the injury would require Bola to spend the next two months in a wheelchair.

Shawn Ray’s post about the injury

Muscle-tear injuries have been drawing plenty of attention in recent weeks, especially as a result of Ryan Crowley’s horrendous pec tear suffered during a filming session with Larry Wheels in Dubai. Crowley was attempting a 220kg (484lb) incline press when the injury happened, with his right pectoral detaching completely from the anterior humerus. 
Ryan Crowley Pec Tear

Ryan Crowley’s right pec at the precise moment it decided to up sticks and move, mid-lift

Although Crowley has already been able to crowdfund surgery for the injury, his injury will require months of rehabilitation and is a salutary reminder of the dangers of ego lifting. Many fitness influencers and celebrities feel compelled to push themselves too far, or put themselves in novel or unusual situations with practitioners of different disciplines, in the quest for ever-more likes and subscribes.

Whether Bola Ojex was pushing himself in a similarly reckless manner when he suffered his quad tear is unclear, but such injuries usually occur when squatting heavy weights. An insufficient warm-up is also often to blame.

In our series ‘How Not To Get Ripped’, we have been examining a variety of common injuries – or injuries that are perceived to be common. We began with pec tears and have now covered bicep tears during mixed-grip deadlifting.  In due course we will examine quad tears like Bola’s and other injuries such as rotator cuff sprains and tears.

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