Boron is a mineral found in everyday life, from foods to the environment, boron exists around us. It can give your body relief and make it function better. Boron also has nootropic benefits.

Most boron comes from the food we eat, but modern farming reduces critical nutrients people would’ve gotten in their food 50 years ago. Even though we’re eating the exact same food, it’s not as nutritional and healthy as before. That’s why I recommend you use supplements to improve your diet.

Boron specifically has gained so much popularity as a supplement because it has life-changing effects. From overall health to boosting testosterone, boron is a super supplement that should not be slept on.

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Boron is best known for its ability to boost your free testosterone levels naturally, without exogenous intervention. If you take it you’re not gonna be known as a steroid user because it’s been naturally produced by the earth for millions of years.

Some studies show that it can boost your free testosterone levels by 29.5%! That’s a huge boost, especially compared to other testosterone boosting supplements like Ashwagandha that I recommend.

In another study on 13 participants, after given 6 mgs of boron for 2 months, they found that boron helped raise their DHEA and vitamin D levels.

How Does Boron Increase Testosterone?

boron testosterone booster supplement

Boron acts as an ergocentric aid. This means that it helps you naturally increase the amount of free testosterone in your body. Testosterone isn’t created with boron, but it helps your existing testosterone to do its job. Boron decreases your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin)

SHBG is located in your blood, and it is a protein that binds sex hormones (testosterone for example) and decreases their effects.

Boron blocks SHBG, raising your free testosterone (previously existing) in your body. This will help you build up muscle mass and strength. With the right boron dosage, you can “free” your testosterone and see it boosted within a week of taking it.

And this is the testosterone that “matters”; the testosterone that affects changes within your body.

There are various other factors at play, but careful supplementation alongside lifestyle changes can increase your free testosterone.

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Having more free testosterone will drastically improve your life in every way possible. You’ll start improving in the gym, with more strength and muscle mass being built. Your confidence and productivity at work will increase. The thing is, you won’t get far in the gym without a solid workout plan.

Most men will benefit greatly from small changes to their lifestyle — such as going the gym and losing fat.

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