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Warning: SARMs are not meant for human consumption and the long term effects of SARMs have not be observed. Please contact a physician before deciding to purchase SARMs or other PEDs.

With the FDA clamping down on online SARMs providers, it can become increasingly challenging to buy SARMs in 2021.

Former SARMs giant Proven Peptides was recently handed a cease and desist letter, prompting them to immediately halt operations and making it difficult for lifters to buy SARMs.

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Organizations such as the FDA and medical lobbying groups have pressured for the illegalization of SARMs — often suggesting that they be treated like anabolic steroids on the grounds of some questionable studies.

While the long term side effects of SARMs haven’t been observed — due to their relatively recent prevalence in fitness circles — some have raised concerns over the performance enhancing drugs.

In order to circumvent legal requirements, SARMs providers must not sell SARMs for human consumption, often labeling their products as for “research purposes.”

And, as a result, less-than-trustworthy SARMs providers have answered the demand from those looking to buy SARMs.

Several anecdotes have appeared online blasting their providers for selling them either underdosed SARMs or a liquid which contains no active ingredients.

Many lifters searching the web to buy SARMs fear being left shortchanged.

For more information on SARMs, you can read our extensive growing series on SARMs starting with Ostarine, Ligandrol and RAD 140.

Where to Buy SARMs?

Jon Anthony SARMs results
Jon Anthony SARMs results in 2 months

Since various providers have been shut down — or face being shut down — they have moved onto different supplements or niches to avoid full closure of business.

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One provider, Rat’s Army, originally distanced their product range by offering flavored SARMs — for research purposes, of course — giving the user a novel experience.

With various exotic flavors such as “Grandma’s Pie,” “Clown Tears,” and “White Girl” — I have no idea what this one is meant to be — Rat’s Army offers a very affordable full range of SARMs, including Tamoxifen for Post Cycle Therapy, that are subject to frequent sales.

Rat’s Army are fully stocked with most SARMs often discussed on various forums or on social media by your favorite influencers and models.

SARMs such as Ostarine, Ligandrol, RAD-140, S4, among others are available for purchase on the website.

The provider also boasts bottles with pre-made stacks directed at “cutting” or “bulking” for more experienced users seeking a more tailor-made cycle.

buy SARMs (Slyced)
Slyced — dosed Cardarine and Ostarine for targeted “cutting” results

The combo below is not for first-time users as it contains stronger compounds.

Mass Stack
Mass Stack

If you want to buy SARMs, Swiss Chems provide a pleasant user experience and rapid response times.

Swiss Chems also offers various methods of payment including by a wide range of cards and Bitcoin.

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Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals. If you wish to consume SARMs and/or other performance enhancing drugs, we urge that you take the appropriate channels and consult your physician. Please ensure that you request comprehensive bloodwork to protect your health, under the care of your physician.

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