A lot of young people on SARMs might be tempted to drink alcohol and party — but can they do it?

To be honest, a lot of young people shouldn’t be on SARMs in the first place and should focus on maximizing their natural gains over several years of dedication before even considering performance enhancing drugs like SARMs.

However, some readers may have already made up their minds whether to take SARMs, or might even be on SARMs, and that I cannot change.

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But should you be drinking alcohol on SARMs?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Not only should you not be drinking alcohol, but you shouldn’t be partying and staying up late when taking SARMs or any other performance enhancing drugs.

Both SARMs and alcohol can place stress on your liver and kidneys; other PEDs can place stress on other organs.

Adding alcohol, drugs, and poor sleep on top of it all can seriously damage your health.

Alcohol can dehydrate you, combining dehydration with PED consumption can damage your kidneys.

Even if this doesn’t influence your decision, you should AT LEAST take necessary precautions.

Supplementing NAC can help counter some of the undue stress placed on your kidneys and liver.

For more information on what to do to counter certain side effects, read our article on SARMs protocols.

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