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Cell phone radiation may be causing sharp rise in Alzheimer’s cases. Shocking new research, 2022

Cell phone radiation has long been suspected of having negative effects on the body, and especially the brain. Now a new study, published in Current Alzheimer Research, has shown a worrying link between exposure to cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s. Other forms of radiation, including wi-fi, are also implicated.

The study suggests that excessive exposure leads to increased levels of intracellular calcium in the brain, a key feature of Alzheimer’s disease. The terrifying disease affects roughly six million Americans today and some estimates suggest that number will triple by 2050.

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Cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s: worrying new research

It’s thought that exposure to cell phone radiation and wi-fi activates voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). These channels are responsible for regulating intracellular calcium levels.

When electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) activate these channels, calcium can rapidly build up in the brain, negatively affecting it and possibly bringing forward the onset of Alzheimer’s.

In recent years, researchers discovered Alzheimer’s-specific changes in the brains of rats exposed to EMF pulses. The negative changes occurred in the hippocampus, a region of the brain which Alzheimer’s is known to affect.

“EMFs act via peak electric and time varying magnetic forces at a nanosecond time scale,” explains study author and Washington State University Professor Martin L. Pall in a media release.

These peaks significantly grow with each increase in the pulse modulation coming from smartphones, smart meters, and even the radar in self-driving vehicles.

“Any of these may produce the ultimate nightmare – extremely early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Pall notes that both human genetic and pharmacological studies have shown an association between increasing VGCC activity and a growing number of Alzheimer’s cases.

Twelve recent reports on occupational exposure to EMFs showed that workers near this radiation generally had higher Alzheimer’s rates than their peers. Although Alzheimer’s-related changes in the brain can start 25 years before actual symptoms appear, these studies also showed that EMF exposure can shorten the onset period as well.

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What’s more, the average age that doctors are diagnosing Alzheimer’s at has also been decreasing over the last two decades. Pall notes that this has coincided with the massive growth in wireless communication technology around the world. Recent studies have even found people as young as 30 or 40 suffering from the disease.

Some researchers fear that very young people who face constant exposure to cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation for several hours each day could end up with “digital dementia.”

A report in 2008 found that two hours of daily exposure to low-intensity mobile phone base station radiation led to “massive neurodegeneration” in the brains of young rats. A third of the rats went on to die within one month.

Cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s: what’s next?

Profesor Pall is now calling for more research, with a focus on three specific topics.

First, scientists need more data on MRI scans which show abnormalities in young people displaying signs of “digital dementia”.

Second, EMF exposure assessments are necessary for anyone between 30 and 40 receiving an early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis. These assessments must compare their exposure to cell phone, cell tower, Wi-Fi, smart meter, and dirty electricity radiation levels, against normal levels.

Finally, Pall believes there should be more examinations of people living near small cell antennae for more than one year.

“Findings from each of these studies should be shared with the general public,” says Pall, “so that everyone can take the steps necessary to reduce the incidence of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.”

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One thought on “Cell phone radiation may be causing sharp rise in Alzheimer’s cases. Shocking new research, 2022

  • Phillis Stein says:

    I was already aware of this issue, however, it’s very good to see it being raised in relation to
    Alzheimer’s due to the issue with EMFs and free calcium. It’s great to see that professor Pall is still on the job – he’s been a great champion for looking into this issue for quite some time now. There are about 5 things I can suggest off the top of my head that could help with this. First of all, obviously, is to not live near such towers, and to limit exposure by limiting the use of any 5G as far as possible. Another is obviously to get some EMF protection to harmonize the waves. However, a couple of other things are as follows – you can balance calcium in the body by using magnesium. The best way to absorb magnesium is through the skin – so, in a bath of foot soak. Epsom salts, for example, are fairly cheap and is magnesium sulphate. I also like to get the ‘magnesium bath flakes’, which will generally be magnesium chloride. I use a tablespoon of each in a foot soak, or bath and you need to soak for at least 20 minutes. The Epsom salts will also assist with detox. Magnesium is nature’s calcium channel blocker! Unlike big pharma drugs, however, nature possesses innate intelligence – thus, the Mg won’t JUST block the channel (and turn your channels into spaghetti), but the molecule will block the channel WHEN REQUIRED, and then move out of the way when the body needs it to. The other supplement I would recommend here would be vitamin K2 (MK-7 variety is best as at last check). This is the vitamin that can act as the “traffic cop”, if you will, for calcium – it will take free calcium OUT of your blood vessels etc. where it doesn’t belong, and it will direct said calcium to the places it DOES belong, such as your bones and teeth. There are also big pharma calcium channel blocker, which are commonly used for people with hypertension (high blood pressure), but I prefer natural methods, which are more versatile and more suited to the body. Then, lastly, I would recommend grounding. If you can get your bare feet onto some natural grass, especially if it;s a bit wet, or even better if you can paddle at a beach – do so for 20 to 30 minutes at least 3 times per week. This is one reason why people feel so good after they’ve been to the beach (apart from sensible Sun exposure), because you get FREE electrons from the earth, which help pull the radiation from your body. This is great if you spend a lot of time on computers for work, for example. My radiation levels became very high at one time, and this was how I solved it. If you can’t afford the more commercial EMF protection, then shungite pyramids are a good first step. You can get a medium-sized one for about $75 in Australia, and that will cover a 3 to 5 metre area. I have mine next to me at the computer each day, and then I take it to bed and place if by my bedside at night. I’d had some symptoms I recognized late last year as EMF sensitivity, including a blood nose (which is not normal for me), and a couple of these pyramids put a stop to that for me. I may need to upgrade as I see fit. So, I hope that helps in some way. It’s a very good idea to become familiar with symptoms of radiation (EMF) poisoning, because coincidentally (or not), most of the symptoms of poisoning can be very similar to symptoms of “covid.” i would wager that EMFs are a large part of this problem, if not the majority of it. I have found that pandemics seem to appear in line with upgrades in electricity of different kinds (such as EMFs). Perhaps this pandemic was even a cover for EMF (5G particularly) poisoning? What I can tell you is that at the start of the “pandemic”, I compared for a couple of countries their covid hotpot maps to their 5G rollout maps – and you would have had a hard time spotting the difference! I hope this helps someone. Cheers.

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