Choline and inositol (choline inositol) are nutrients you (should) get from your food. Inositol is a sugar that affects the body’s insulin, along with other hormones that affect mood and cognition. That means your feelings and your brain functionality are greatly affected by it.

Nowadays, our food is over half as nutritious as it was 100 years ago. Your great grandfather did not eat the same food you ate. This is due largely to GMOs, processed foods, and bad farming practices. Choline and inositol are two key nutrients you SHOULD be getting from your food. 

The problem? 

You likely don’t get it, unless you buy organic. So what do choline and inositol do?

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Choline Inositol Function

Choline and inositol both possess antioxidant qualities that protect the brain, cardiovascular system, and other human tissues from free radical damage.

Natural sources of choline inositol include cantaloupe, citrus fruits, and a variety of fiber-rich meals (such as beans, brown rice, corn, sesame seeds, and wheat bran). Choline inositol is also available as a supplement which you can buy on amazon or in most stores. Keep in mind it is better to supplement with it, because you don’t know if you’re getting it in your food. 

Choline Inositol has many other benefits. It’s almost like a super supplement. Some of the benefits are: 

  • Lowering the metabolic syndrome (which has been associated with an increase in belly fat, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels)
  • Managing cholesterol levels 
  • Assisting the body in processing and regulating insulin 
  • Assisting in the relief of anxiety and panic disorder symptoms 
  • Reduced to almost no depression

Some people also believe that choline inositol also decreases the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. 

Now that you know what it is and its benefits, what do you use it for? Why would it be useful to you? 

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, supplementing this can reduce or eliminate all symptoms. This is because the inositol aspect is believed to help increase dopamine. Dopamine = feelings of happiness. 

If you have a metabolic disorder, taking choline inositol can improve your sickness. Metabolic diseases that lead to the development of high blood pressure, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome have been shown to be cured or lessened by inositol.

A small study shows that women with metabolic syndrome who took choline inositol saw a huge improvement in their symptoms. 

“When treated with myo-inositol, women with metabolic syndrome experienced an 11% drop in diastolic blood pressure, a 20% drop in triglycerides, and a 22% increase in “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.”

I highly recommend you take choline inositol. This is because we used to get these nutrients in our food, but not anymore. If you want to have the health that your ancestors did, it’s critical you consume similar nutrients. 

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