When it comes to bodybuilders who pushed the sport, there aren’t too many that can compare to Mike Mentzer. Recently, an unreleased video of the legend was uncovered, in which he goes into detail about steroid use and its impact on bodybuilding.

Mentzer began his bodybuilding journey at only 12 years old. From there he competed for 17 years, even going so far as to win the heavyweight category at the 1979 Olympia. He competed with the Golden Era bodybuilding masters, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane at the 1980 Olympia, coming in an impressive fourth place.

While the 1980 Olympia would be Mentzer’s last show, his impact on the bodybuilding world does not end there. Mentzer’s intelligence as both an academic and a bodybuilder is seriously impressive. He would dedicate his lift to improving the sport, finding new ways to train, diet, and live to massively improve the quality of athletic performance. 

He famously combined bodybuilding with philosophy, to create athletes that were complete holistically in both body and mind. Mentzer even wrote ten books, covering a variety of bodybuilding subjects like high-intensity training and mind exercises. 

In this video, you can clearly see his objective worldview at play. Mentzer talks about the inevitability of steroids, regardless of whether someone likes them or hates them. One memorable quote reinforces this viewpoint:

“In those who are still competing, I think there is an even great use and abuse of steroids.For those who are hell bent on competing, there’s even more steroid use. And even beyond steroids, now they’re taking what’s called growth hormone, which is not a steroid compound in itself, but does effect the body’s rate of growth. Enormously from what I hear…

If you want to compete, on even the local, national, international, or professional level, without a doubt steroids are a part of it.”

The interview lasts for about 25 minutes and is split between two videos on Youtube. It is chock full of insightful points, so definitely check it out to learn from one of the greatest. 

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