Three years since retiring from bodybuilding, 42-year-old Dennis Wolf continues to stay in fantastic shape, as seen in his Instagram post on May 27.

Some pro bodybuilders let their physiques slide as they enter retirement — but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Check out the post here.

Dennis Wolf Looking Amazing in His 40s

dennis wolf

Wolf flexed for the camera in a training session with his brother. If there were any doubts about him losing his body in retirement, Wolf disproved it with his jacked physique.

Generation Iron has called Wolf “one of the top Olympia competitors year after year in pro bodybuilding.” The German bodybuilder has competed in Mr. Olympia ten times, winning third place in 2013 and fourth place in 2015, 2014, 2008. 

 Golden Era

Wolf started his career as a professional bodybuilder in 2005. Among his other extensive accomplishments, he’s achieved first place in the 2014 EVLS Prague Pro, 2014 Arnold Classic Europe, 2014 Arnold Classic, 2011 Australian Pro and 2007 Keystone Pro Classic. 2018 Arnold Class was his last competition before retirement.

In November 2020, Generation Iron spoke with Wolf on his transition to retirement:

Dennis Wolf was aware of the challenges that would be ahead of him upon retirement. Due to extreme supplementation and possible drug use, his hormone production would not be the same as it was before he started competing. Testosterone specifically is a challenge for retired bodybuilders. After years of pumping the body full of testosterone, it has trouble producing it at standard levels naturally.

Where are They Now: Dennis Wolf |
 Body Building Fundamentals

Wolf worked with his doctor to work out his transition:

Dennis Wolf made sure to visit a doctor as he started changing his lifestyle. This was to monitor his overall bloodwork and health. By working together with a doctor, he was able to adjust his lifestyle as he transitioned into retirement.

In February 2021, Wolf received surgery in his shoulder and bicep for undisclosed injuries. The surgery clearly didn’t stop from staying in shape.

Whether it’s an injury or age, as 71-year old Odd Haugen and 72-year-old Rudy Kadlub have shown, a man can stay physically fit and continue to accomplish amazing feats. 

Where are They Now: Dennis Wolf |
Dennis on Stage in his prime

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