New University of California Riverside Study Confirms the Diet and Exercise Are Good for You

It has been shockingly revealed that diet and exercise — in spite of various body positivity movements including “healthy at any size” — is actually good for you.

Most laymen recognize the importance of diet and exercise, even though many don’t act upon this common knowledge.

Now, there’s a study to back up the almost universal truth of diet and exercise being key to a health and fully actualized life.

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Is this unfortunate child more likely to become the next Mr Olympia or a Reddit forum moderator?

Diet and Exercise Good: Study

diet and exercise
Arnie’s diet and exercise

In a new study the results of which will surprise absolutely no one, researchers at the University of California Riverside have shown that a better diet and more exercise in childhood leads to a healthier adult life.

Even so, the researchers insist that the study is novel, because most existing studies consider only diet or exercise as individual factors, rather than looking at their combined effects.

“Any time you go to the doctor with concerns about your weight, almost without fail, they recommend you exercise and eat less,” said study lead Marcell Cadney. “That’s why it’s surprising most studies only look at diet or exercise separately. In this study, we wanted to include both.” 

What’s that you say, a good diet and plenty of exercise as a child will make you a healthier adult?

The study was conducted on mice which were divided into four separate groups: those with access to exercise; those without it; those fed a ‘healthy’ diet; and those fed a ‘Western’ high-fat, high-sugar diet.

The mice began their diets straight after weaning and continue them for three weeks, until reaching sexual maturity. An eight-week process of “washout” then followed, when the mice were house without exercise wheels and fed the healthy diet. Finally, the researchers conducted a behavioural analysis and measured their aerobic capacity and hormone levels.

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The results showed that childhood exercise reduced anxious behaviours in adults, as well as increasing adult muscle and brain ass. By contrast, the mice fed ‘Western’ diets became fatter and also tended to prefer less health foods.

The team is now planning to investigate whether it is fat or sugar that is most responsible for the negative effects observed. Expect more groundbreaking conclusions soon.

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