There’s a recent (dying) craze on social media platforms like TikTok where young lifters dry scoop preworkout as part of a challenge.

However, this craze to dry scoop preworkout can have dangerous — if not, fatal — consequences.

We reported on a recent story where a social media influencer suffered a heart attack after dry scooping preworkout powder given to her by somebody at the gym.

Luckily, the influencer survived the health scare, but other impressionable adolescents and young adults may feel peer pressured into taking copious amounts of stimulants within preworkout in a way it wasn’t designed to be consumed.

Do Not Dry Scoop Preworkout

dry scooping preworkout onlyfans briatney portillo
Influencer who suffered a heart attack after dry scooping preworkout

Dry scooping is to take a powdered supplement straight without diluting it with water or juice priority to consumption.

Typically, many preworkout powders contain high doses of caffeine and can contain other stimulants.

Some preworkouts, such as Cellucor C4, contain 400mg of caffeine per scoop. The FDA recommends 450mg of caffeine per day as the upper limit of what is deemed safe. But this would imply spreading caffeine consumption throughout the day, rather than bombing it in one sitting.

Consuming high levels of caffeine or other stimulants can lead to high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

These preworkout powders are designed to be consumed — as per instructions on the packaging — with fluids.

To reiterate, preworkout powders are meant to be dissolved into water or juice rather than chased down with water.

When preworkout powder is not dissolved in fluid prior to consumption, it is absorbed into the bloodstream at a higher — often unpredictable rate — leading to potential issues including overdose.

Moreover, dry scooping preworkout powder, aside from being unpleasant, can also lead to choking.

“Not everyone will react the same to pre-workout products when they’re properly mixed with fluids, so imagine taking concentrated forms of the supplement,” LA-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Yasi Ansari explains, according to Self. “And since many products contain proprietary blends, it can be hard to know exactly how much of these various ingredients you’re consuming,” Ansari continued.

Ansari added: “How do you know if the concentrated blend of ingredients you’re consuming at once isn’t going to negatively affect you? It may not be one single ingredient but rather the mix.”

Please dilute preworkout powder before consuming.

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