The first ever Arnold Strongman UK competition kicked off last weekend with some of the strongest men from around the world competing. It was a close call but American strongman Evan Singleton managed to beat out the Ukrainian strongman Oleksii Novikov and claim first place. 

The Arnold Sports Festival US is a long-standing multi-sport event, hosting strongman, MMA, bodybuilding, and many other sports. This October 1-3 marked the inaugural launch of the Arnold Sports Festival UK, which was held in Birmingham, England. 

The 2021 Arnold Strongman took place October 3, and pitted ten strongmen against each other in five events. The athletes consisted of some of the most accredited strongmen in the industry, including 2020 World’s Strongest Man Oleksii Novikov and 2021 Giants Live Strongman winner Evan Singleton.

It was a close race between the two, who ended up both earning 42 points across the five events. To decide the winner, the judges looked to the final event, the Castle Stones, a variation of the classic Atlas stone contest. Singleton ended up placing higher on the stones, finishing third in the event by carrying five stones in 19.44 seconds. This narrow edge pushed Singleton towards victory.

Novikov naturally was awarded second place for his amazing performance, while Trey Mitchell, the 2021 Shaw Classic and 2021 Texas’ Strongest Man, took third. All three won entry in the 2022 World’s Strongest Man contest, so make sure to keep an eye out for these three incredible athletes when they compete in the next couple of months.

Below is listed the full results from the 2021 Arnold Strongman UK.

2021 Arnold Strongman UK Final Results

1. Evan Singleton: 42 points

2. Oleksii Novikov:  42 points

3. Trey Mitchell: 36.5 points

4. J.F. Caron: 36.5 points

5. Mark Felix:  28 points

6. Andy Black:  25 points

7. Nedzmin Ambeskovic: 19 points

8. Pa O’Dwyer: 14 points

9. Luke Stoltman:  Four points

10. Tom Stoltman:  Three points

Hercules Hold

1. Mark Felix:  81.62s

2. Evan Singleton:  78.11s

3. JF Caron: 74.27s

Frame Carry

1. Oleksii Novikov: 7.35s

2. Evan Singleton:  8.50s

3. Mark Felix: 9.75s

Axle Deadlift

1. Oleksii Novikov: Eight reps

2. Trey Mitchell: Seven reps

3. Evan Singleton:  Five reps (T-third)

4. JF Caron: Five reps (T-third)

5. Nedzmin Ambeskovic: Five reps (T-third)

Heavy Dumbbell For Reps

1. Oleksii Novikov:  Eight reps

2. Evan Singleton: Seven reps

3. Trey Mitchell: Six reps (T-third)

4. JF Caron:  Six reps (T-third)

Castle Stones

1. Andy Black: Five stones in 18.28s

2. Trey Mitchell:  Five stones in 18.41s

3. Evan Singleton: Five stones in 19.44s

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