Although he has transitioned away from strongman training since setting a 500kg deadlift world record, Eddie Hall is still massively strong. 

And in footage posted on Youtube on Wednesday, Eddie showed just how strong during a heavy shoulder workout.

Eddie Hall Finding One Rep Maxes

Heavy Shoulders | FINDING MY 1 REP MAX! – YouTube

Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall

For the past year, Eddie has been training to box Halfthor Bjornsson, otherwise known as the Mountain from Game of Thrones, the man who broke Eddie’s deadlift record last year, with a 501kg pull in his home gyme in Iceland. Eddie disputed whether the record should stand, given that the lift didn’t take place in a competition. 

501kg Deadlift | THOR, The fight is ON!!! – YouTube

Despite having shed masses of weight, and looking to be in the best shape of his life, Eddie appears to have lost little or none of his record-breaking strength. In the video posted on Wednesday, he took the viewer through a heavy shoulder workout.

Eddie hall – The Beast on Instagram: “162kg / 356lbs body weight ? Best Protein available link in bio ↖️ Use code BEAST for discount! #MyProtein #Beast #Strongman #Boxing…”

Eddie showcasing his new physique

Eddie begins the workout with dumbbell presses up to a weight of 62.5kg for 20 reps. He then moves on to the seated barbell press, going from 60kg, to 120kg, then 140kg, before finishing with 180kg for three reps. He ends the workout with cable side raises and rear delt flyes.

Eddie still has six months to go until this fight with ‘the Mountain’. Who do you think will win?

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