Flex Wheeler has successfully recovered from his long fight against a severe Covid-19 reaction. It was incredibly difficult but Wheeler thinks he’s pretty much healed. He discussed his struggle and thoughts in a recent video. 


Referred to as one of the best bodybuilders ever by both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman, Wheeler is a staple in the bodybuilding community. With his massive physique, he’s won the Arnold Classic four times and competed intensely with greats such as Coleman and Jay Cutler.

At 56 years old, Wheeler was not expecting such a severe reaction from Covid-19. He suspected he got the disease at the 2021 Arnold Classic UK back in October. While he did not suffer any symptoms in England, he began to feel the effects of Covid-19 when he was planning to fly to the 2021 Olympia. 

In the video, he explained how the virus initially felt;

“Wednesday on my flight, I just started feeling horrible. My body started aching and cranking and I remember, like, reaching for my lat, my trap, and my arm cramped. God damn, you know. It feels like I’ve been working out but I have worked out in a really long time. It just got worse.

I was screaming in my sleep because I had such severe body aches.”

Needless to say, Wheeler wasn’t able to make it to the Olympia, which was a major disappointment for him and his fans. The pain got so bad, he went to the emergency room. The reason for the extremity of his condition was chalked up to his kidney transplant he received in 2003. The doctors told him;

“They told me they had to put my kidney at risk because my immune system had not come online yet to fight and that my lungs were getting worse and worse every time they take an X-ray or a CAT scan.”


Thankfully the doctors were able to do procedures to save both his kidneys and lungs. Wheeler ended his video by giving thanks to those who helped him through such a tough time, stating;

“I’m just thankful for all the doctors, all the nurses, all the overwhelming messages that I got from all the internet mediums, and the outpour of love and respect and appreciation. It didn’t fall on deaf ears. I can never show you how much I appreciate that.”

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