The Floor Press is an amazing exercise that can translate as massive muscle and strength gains.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strength athlete, or just athlete, you can benefit greatly from the Floor Press.

But if you need more convincing, here are four reasons why the Floor Press is an awesome movement you should look to program into your regimen.

Reasons Why You Should Do The Floor Press

How To Do The Floor Press | Coach

1. It Removes the Leg Drive From The Equation

One of the benefits from this exercises — especially from a strength development standpoint — is the removal of the leg drive from the movement.

This makes it harder to cheat and overloads your chest, shoulders, triceps, and upper back more than the conventional Bench Press.

The leg drive accounts for about 5-15% of the total power output in the Bench Press; those seeking to gain raw power in the Bench Press should definitely consider adding the Floor Press as an accessory movement as the upper body will have to take over completely.

If you decide to arch your lower back by digging your heels into the ground and contracting your glutes in a bridge, you can turn the Floor Press into a makeshift decline Bench Press to hit your lower pecs.

2. The Starting Position Reinforces Good Form & Strengthens Weaknesses

The Floor Press: What Makes The Floor Press So Special?

Since the floor is a limiting factor to the range of motion, with your elbows hitting the floor, and thus having a higher starting position, you are given an opportunity to reinforce good form.

In the final quarter of the eccentric portion of the bench press, form can breakdown over a loss of upper back tightness; the Floor Press allows you to practice the eccentric portion of the movement to ensure that your elbows don’t flare too early and for you to remain tight throughout the movement.

The starting position begins where most people fail on heavier loads of the bench press.

As there is no leg drive and the lifter is starting from their weakest portion of the lift, the Floor Press is the perfect accessory movement to increase your Bench Press.

3. The Floor Press Reduces The Risk of Injury

Many lifters have suffered pec tears and should impingements on the flat Bench Press — to the point where high ranking strength coaches have recommended never descending below 90 degrees on the bench.

If lifters tucked in their elbows and retracted their scapula on the flat bench, the risk of injury tumbles, but the Floor Press prevents your elbows from breaking 90 degrees.

By preventing you from going below 90 degrees, inexperienced lifters or lifters with poor form can reduce their risk of injury while reaping the benefits of a wonderful upper body movement.

4. It Will Carry Over to Your Other Pressing Movements

This triceps-dominant set up — that can be used with dumbbells, chains, bands, and anything else to make it more challenging — will add to your Dips, Overhead Press and Incline Bench Press.

Lifters who struggle to engage their triceps to their fullest in the Bench Press would also benefit from including the Floor Press as an accessory movement.

Bodybuilders can also implement the floor press into their training to get the most out of this triceps-dominant movement. It can even be used as a replacement for the Close-Grip Bench Press.

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