On May 15, powerlifter Gerald Dionio set an all-time world record total lift of 739.4kg (1,630lb) and scored the gold at the 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation Apeman Strong Lift Angry contest. 

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Check Out Dionio’s performance.

Dionio’s Impressive, Superhuman Effort

Dionio’s world record total consisted of a 264.9 kilograms (584lb) squat, 172.4 kilograms (380lb) bench press and 302.1 kg (666lb) deadlift. The powerlifter’s superhuman total consisted of a squat that was four times his body weight, a bench press over 2.5 times his body weight and deadlift over 4.5 times his body weight. Dionio was focused on pulling a new world record with a 688.9lb deadlift but failed after four attempts.

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This isn’t the first time the 27-year-old set an all-time world record. In fact, Donio is reclaiming the previous all-time world record he set at 722.5 kg (1592.8lb) total at the 2017 USPA CETC US Open Powerlifting Championships. In his record-setting total, he hit a 272kg (600lb) squat, a 169kg (374lb) bench press, and 279kg (617lb) deadlift. Michael Estrella took the all-time world label when he lifted 738kg (1627lb) at the 2019 USA-UA Boss of Bosses 6 competition.

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Dionio made his debut in 2012 with a gold win at the USPA Hawaii State Powerlifting Championship. He’s claimed victories at two USPA National Powerlifting Championships (2015-16), two International Powerlifting League (IPL) World Championships (2015-16), and the 2018 USPA Kern US Open. Dionio has a 91 percent win rate, according to BarBend.

Fitness Volt called Dionio one of the best powerlifters alive today:

Although Gerald Dionio was only able to secure one of the world records he was going for in this meet, he looked impressive throughout. He is certainly up there as one of the very best powerlifters in the world today, and he reasserted that with this strong showing to take back his world record total.

Here’s Dionio’s impressive feat of strength

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