Greco Gum has recently enjoyed a rise to popularity as various bodybuilding subcultures extol the virtues of training jaw to improve facial aesthetics.

One male model made international news after going viral for showing off his impressive results following dedicated jaw training.

A strong, squarer jaw is often associated with masculinity. In today’s world where meat — especially tougher cuts demanding powerful mandibular muscles to chew — is becoming less trendy, a plant-based liquefied diet model has allowed our jawlines to wither, as we discussed at length in our article on foods that make you ugly.

And here is where Greco Gum’s Mastic Gum comes into play — you no longer have to tear tough flesh off the bone or take experimental compounds to maximize your jaw gains.

“Get the toned, chiseled face you’ve always wanted in the most convenient way possible. Maximize your facial aesthetics, increase your bite force and experience numerous health benefits by chewing a natural supergum that’s stood the test of time,” Greco Gum states.

They later added: “Unlike the plastic or silicone jaw exercise devices and synthetic chewing gums, our gum is 100% natural. We offer a holistic approach with clinically proven medicinal benefits—including stress relief, better oral hygiene, and improved gut health.”

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Male Model Gains International Attention

Greco Gum Review

Greco Gum
Greco Gum: Inside
Greco Gum Altoids
Greco Gum next to Altoids

Greco Gum, on their homepage, suggests: “Well-defined facial features communicate vitality and robustness. A muscular jawline gives your face the highly sought-after angular and symmetrical appearance that women desire and men respect.”

But does it stand up to the test?

Arriving in a charmingly distinguished blue metallic tin, Greco Gum generously packs its gum in a container the same size as a box of Altoids.

This gum has an appearance and texture similar to rock sugar, but the taste and smell is reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves.

Warning: chew with caution if you have cavities or sensitive teeth.

Initially, the taste is earthy and won’t be for everyone; the texture can be off-putting, but takes a moment to get used to. It requires intense chewing for around 30 seconds to assume on a chewing gum form.

Try 2-3 chunks of gum to start.

The beauty of this gum is that it can be reused. Granted, there will be some users who may feel disinclined to reuse gum covered in spittle — even if it is their own.

Once you have begun chewing for a few, there is no real distinct taste that pops out.

Out of the listed benefits, Greco Gum is:

  • Soy-free and sugar-free
  • Rechewable
  • 0 calories
  • Cleansing, Refreshing, and delivers a jaw pump

I felt a great jaw pump at the time with a little soreness the days after chewing.

The gum also freshened my breath after drinking coffee, despite being unflavored.

Greco Gum: Who Are They?

Greco Gum introduce themselves with the following passage: “I started Greco Gum out of necessity. After having chewed mastic gum for over a year, I had grown frustrated as a consumer.

“For North Americans, mastic gum was hard to come by. Delivery times and shipping fees were excessive, and there were quality consistency issues from the sellers.

“I wanted to treat the gum with the kind of respect and care that it deserves. I started sampling product from mastic gum producers all over Chios until I found the best gum on the market. And here we are now.

“Welcome to the Greco Gum family.”

Greco Gum in Hand
Greco Gum in Hand

On their website, they write: “Discover the ancient secret from the Greek island of Chios. Our premium mastic gum lets you vigorously workout your jaw muscles anytime, anywhere.”

For those who are unaware: “Mouths host a unique type of stem cells that rapidly respond to stress. The greater you engage your jaw muscles, the more stem cells are released, which promotes optimal growth of the maxilla, a wider palate and larger airways.

“Mastic gum contains antioxidants and has been clinically shown to relieve digestive and gastrointestinal issues due to its powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,” Greco continues.

With all of the promising other positives from chewing Greco’s Mastic Gum, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits beyond jaw gains that will have your peers mirin’.

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