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3 Easy Habits to Become More Handsome in 2022

Everyone wants to become more handsome. You might not have been dealt a good hand, you will want to read these tips to help you to be the most handsome version of yourself as soon as possible.

While there are things you can do to become more handsome outside of optimizing your diet, losing fat, lifting weights, straightening your posture, and even psychological work to improve self-confidence, but there are more habits you can adopt to help you take your look to the next level.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on risky surgical procedures and scammy pills.

All you will need to do is put in the work and you can become unrecognizable to your friends, families, and crush.

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Three Easy Habits to Become More Handsome

Being more handsome is a cheat code to help you level up in life.

When your self-confidence in your appearance improves, everything else follows.

Whether it is to get the girl(s) of your dreams, further your career, or even to feel better about yourself, becoming more handsome will have a trickle effect to all other areas of your life.

Handsome people simply receive preferential treatment. More people will bend over backwards to cater to you.

Despite recent pushes to mainstream body positivity, people will subconsciously treat their better looking peers with more reverence.

I’m sorry, but that’s just how the world works.

Welcome to the party.

1. Stop Mouth Breathing — 5 Reasons You Should Stop

5. Your nose is your first line of defense for your immune system. Your nose’s mucus will trap microbes that you’ve breathed in. The nose hair will help filter out particles. Save your lungs the trouble and use your nose. 

4. Breathing through your nose will improve your sleep. You can put a small piece of tape across your lips to keep your mouth closed at night. This will improve your snoring and sleep apnea. After about three months this will have you naturally breath through your nose during the night. You will have more oxygen absorbed by your lungs while sleeping so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth. 

3. Nose breathing will make you tolerant of carbon dioxide. The sinuses themselves emit a gas called nitric oxide that is a vasodilator that helps absorb oxygen. In combat sports it’s a well-known fact that the fighter who breathes through his mouth first is likely going to lose. In veterinarian science it’s known that breathing through the mouth is a sign of sickness in animals, except dogs who pant.  

2. Breathing through your mouth will dehydrate you. Specifically, it will dry your mouth. This could even chap and crack your lips from the constant air moving over them. The air that you bring in through your mouth will also be dryer. Part of the purpose of your nose and your sinuses is to humidify the air before it goes into your lungs. The nose will also heat up or cool down the air to 37 C. The lungs can only extract oxygen through the air if the air is properly humid. If you breath out through your mouth then you will lose the humidity that your body put into the air. Dry air- mouth air, will just leave you gasping for breath.  

1. People will think less of you. Consider Stranger Things. In season 1, Eleven learns to call people that she doesn’t like “mouth breathers”. Think about what that means. In this hypersensitive age of political correctness, the one thing this show felt completely safe in mocking was “mouth breathing”. This is a show with a deformity where he has not grown in his adult teeth and no one in the show brings this up as a negative. There is literally no one who will come to your defense if you catching all the flies with your gapping maw. Seriously, the term mouth breather is a synonym for idiot. Go to Urban Dictionary and look it up. 

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2. Mouth Taping for Sleep — 3 Reasons Why You Should Stop

1.  It’s bad for your mouth. Mouth breathing during sleep will cause worse breath and cavities. Having your mouth open will allow a lot more oxygen into your mouth and allow microbes to grow and eat away at your teeth. Personally, being a chronic sleep mouth breather, during the winter the back of my top lip will become chapped and crack. This won’t heal fully for me until spring. Sleep tape is the only thing I’ve tried to fix this. 

2. The mucus in your nose filters microbes, viruses, and particles. There are hairs in your nose that will assist with this filtration. Your mouth on the other hand is a wide open gate straight to the lungs where infections can set up camp. 

3. Mouth breathing reduces nitric oxide which is bad for your brain. Breathing through your nose increases your oxygenation by 20%. This will help you not wake up in the middle of the night. Your brain is you. It’s literally you. Please take care of your brain.  

So how do you tape your mouth for sleep? All you do is take a basic medical tape, like Nexcare from 3m, and place it over your mouth, either in the horizontal or vertical position. You can go crazy and make an ‘X’ over your lips. If the tape comes off during the night, that means you’re mouth breathing and you should see your ear nose and throat doctor. If the tape is still on in the morning, you are a nose breather. Sweet dreams. 

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3. Mewing

Your appearance is not completely set by your genetics. Your genetics are instructions for your body to grow, but environment influences the outcome of those instructions. Mewing is a concept created by Dr. John Mew who created the field of orthotorpics. He believed that tongue placement in the mouth changes the shape of the face. Your tongue and jaw muscles pull on your face bones and change how they grow. If you have incorrect tongue posture your jaw will become sink back and become weak, your eyes will look tired, your nose will look larger than it actually is, and it will even shrink your airway by letting your tongue relax into the throat. In short, bad tongue placement makes you look like a disgusting mutant. Don’t do it.

So how does the dear reader avoid this odious fate? It is very simple. Place the tip of the tongue behind your two front teeth. The place the rest of your tongue along the roof of your mouth. Don’t let your tongue actually touch your teeth though. You want to use this tongue posture enough that it simply becomes your resting tongue posture. If you can achieve this you will stop looking like a gremlin who was dunked in toxic waste. Happy looksmaxxing, my dudes.

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