In your efforts to become more handsome or looksmaxx, there are various steps you can take to become a better looking chap.

Who wouldn’t want to look their best?

From attracting the best spouse, gaining more positive attention, invitations to better social events, higher chances of going further in your career, there are no downsides from getting as handsome as humanly possible.

But how would you go about this?

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We believe there is such a thing as objective beauty that stands the test of time.

While some people might find beauty where others don’t, for men, there is a classic ideal that is generally accepted.

How to become more handsome, Looksmaxx

handsome looksmaxxing

Before we get started, facial symmetry is one of the prevailing benchmarks for handsomeness, but if you’re dealt a bad hand, we can only work around this point.

For the purpose of this article, we will assume the following as desirable traits:

  • wide shoulders
  • narrow waist
  • good posture
  • chiseled jaw
  • thick neck
  • developed posterior chain
  • extrusive chest
  • strong forearms
  • low body fat percentage
  • muscular imbalance avoidance (symmetry)

Now, there are various exercises that will focus your time and effort in the gym to achieving these ends, but we will distill them into 5 crucial exercises.

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1. Romanian Deadlift

How To Master The Romanian Deadlift And Unlock Your Leg Muscles | Coach

No other exercise will get you as handsome as the Romanian Deadlift.

If you train the Romanian Deadlift with enough intensity, you will tick all of the above boxes for desirable traits.

The Romanian Deadlift trains your entire posterior chain, helps widen your back/shoulders, strengthen forearms, fixes your posture, thickens your neck, and more.

Moreover, the Romanian Deadlift will also stretch out your hamstrings to loosen your posture as well as make you a better lover.

Although many new lifters who go to the gym with the sole purpose to looksmaxx, many of them neglect training their legs — and if they do train their legs, they often neglect their posterior chain and cause all sorts of muscular imbalances.

We have a full guide on neck training here.

2. Face Pulls

Ash's Face Pull Feature - tfd gym

Face Pulls are one of my favorite exercises and can be done every single day.

Aside from Band Pull Aparts, no other low-impact exercise will produce such high returns.

This high ROI exercise works your rear deltoids, traps, side deltoids, and your forearms/biceps to a lesser degree.

Face Pulls make you more handsome by unrounding your shoulders, resetting your posture, stretching out tight pecs, adding more dimension to your deltoids, protecting your stabilizing muscles in your shoulders, and giving you wider shoulders.

Rounded shoulders and poor posture not only do your looks a disservice, but they also contribute towards a less confident display of body language.

3. Wide Grip Rows

Shakeel parwez - Wide grip Seated cable row | Facebook

Far too many lifters opt for a close grip row variation — but leave a tremendous amount of benefits on the table.

A close grip row variation often reduces the range of motion and tension on your upper back muscles — specifically your lower trapezius.

This oft-neglected muscle can do wonders in improving your posture and undoing various muscular imbalances, such as tight pectorals and anterior deltoids.

Women can benefit greatly from this exercise by granting them more support for their bust.

But this exercise helps make you more handsome by working your entire upper back, thus contributing towards your V-taper.

Wide Grip Rows also work your forearms and biceps in addition to the good it does for your upper back.

It will help you stand up tall, pinning your shoulders back, and helping you look like a more confident version of you.

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4. DB Pullover

This classic exercise is somewhat neglected in the modern era, but back in the Golden Era it was a staple for many famours aesthetic bodybuilders.

I have decided to include this exercise in its ability to hit most of the upper body as well as stretch out the lats, pecs, deltoids, while added much of the coveted width a lot of guys strive for today in their quest to become more handsome.

There isn’t much more to say about this exercise — except that it’s up to you whether you program it in on back or chest day.

5. Incline DB Press

This position was hardest to fill, but we will go with one of Zyzz’s favorite exercises, but incline DB flyes were a close second.

The reason I have chosen the dumbbell press is, if done properly, with a full range of motion, it can train many muscles that will help you to become more handsome.

Not only that, it will also help stretch out your pectorals.

The Incline DB Press will make you more handsome by adding width to your shoulders, upper chest; filling out your upper chest cleavage when wearing a shirt; add mass to your triceps, and more.

A quick word of advice: shoot for a lower degree of incline — around 15-30 degrees. The steeper the incline becomes, the more the load is shifted onto the anterior deltoids and triceps. Just because you can lift more weights at a lower incline isn’t an invitation to ego lift.

Ego lifting won’t make you more handsome in the long run when you snap your sh*t up.

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6. Lose Fat

The Simple Plan For Stubborn Body Fat

3 sets of 10 reps of putting the fork down is THE MOST powerful thing you can do to look more handsome.

It doesn’t even compare.

What good is it getting jacked, only to have 25% bodyfat, a moon face, and an unwillingness to take your shirt off at the beach?

Sure, it’s cool to fill out your tshirts or even look like a tank in a tanktop, but nothing will change your appearance as much as fat loss.

Even a few bodyfat percentages can have a dramatic effect. Guys who’ve gone from 15% (lean) to 10% look like entirely different people.

Now, certain factors can make you look puffier like Ultra-processed food consumption, salt, alcohol, and ahem certain compounds.

But, rest assured, there is no transformation that will make you more handsome than losing excess body fat.

And you don’t need to be 6% — 10-12% over time will suffice.

Check out our fat loss guide if you need some help shifting the pounds.

Bonus! Chew Mastic Gum

Greco Gum in Hand
Greco Gum in Hand

This one isn’t a gym exercise, but it will definitely make you more handsome — especially if you get down to lower body fat percentages.

If you don’t want to chew mastic gum, that’s fine, you may opt for tougher cuts of meat or even regular gum. Recent crazes have even included equipment targeting your jaw.

However, if you want a squarer, more chiseled, muscular jawline, you’ve gotta put in the work.

It doesn’t have to be a workout per se, but a passive effort in tweaking a few things in your lifestyle to yield the best results.

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