Septuagenarians in the mid-1980s had significantly higher testosterone levels than 55-year-olds today.

The collapse in testosterone levels has been well documented with various publications tackling the issue.

Environmental factors as well as a change in diet have potentially caused this shift.

But one of the most curious points about this drop in testosterone levels is how older men’s T levels are significantly lower than what they were 30-40 years ago.

In fact, the average 70-year-old man’s testosterone levels were over 100 points higher than the average 55-year-old’s testosterone levels today.

Oddly enough, this drop among older men doesn’t appear to garner as much attention — as a natural drop is expected in older men.

Massive Drop in Testosterone Levels Among Older Men

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Despite the general consensus hovering over the narrative that your testosterone levels fall predictably as we age, older men’s testosterone levels have collapsed in the space of a generation.

In a previous article, we reported that men in more primitive societies don’t experience this drop in testosterone levels.

One may conjecture as to why this may be, but scientists are yet to agree on what is causing this steep decline.

Publication My Parla stated:

According to research, men’s testosterone levels have dropped at least 20% in the last 20 years with more and more younger men suffering the effects of low testosterone.

This is not a new trend. Seventy-year-old men in 1987-89 had an average testosterone level that was almost 100 points higher than even 55-year-old men in 2002-04. Meaning that the average 22 year old man today, has an average testosterone level roughly equal to that of a 67 year old man in 2000. Therefore, it’s likely that your testosterone levels are half of those of your father and undoubtedly significantly less than your grandfather.

With this in mind if testosterone levels decline naturally as we age, these statistics should have remained constant over time. But we know that they aren’t. Far from it. The negative trend seems to be getting worse and happening to men at much younger ages than ever before.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many courses of action that can be taken to avoid suffering from low Testosterone — you just need to be creative.

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