When choosing a decent preworkout snack, how many people out there shovel down a protein bar? A cold tupperware container with rice and chicken? A protein shake? Or Anything else?

Well, there is one amazing superfood out there that many millions of lifters seem to overlook.

And that’s a simple tablespoon of honey.

Why Honey is the Best Preworkout Snack

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The heavenly golden viscous honey not only provides a host of positive health benefits from boosting testosterone, to improving insulin sensitivity, to reducing chronic inflammation, and giving your immune system a shot in the arm.

But a few tablespoons of honey is brimming with fast-releasing carbohydrates and can increase nitric oxide levels by up to 50%!

For the uninitiated, this means that it will help you secure an amazing pump.

It also means that it can help you improve your overall endurance while you train.

The fast-releasing carbs will give you leeway as to how close to your workout you may consume the golden stuff. Additionally, it will fill you with energy without making you feel as sluggish as a full meal.

Plus honey is freakin’ delicious and can be added to black coffee if you look askance at regular preworkout formulas.

Many old school bodybuilders would take black coffee with honey to power their legendary workouts.

So, if you ask me, honey can be the answer to your preworkout prayers!

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