Listen carefully brahs, I know you’ve always wanted to be jacked. I know you’ve always wanted to have a physique that instantly commands respect when you walk into a room. The problem is, you’re not motivated. In this article, I’ll teach you how to get motivated to go to the gym so you can finally achieve the physique of your dreams. 

Getting motivated to go lift isn’t actually as hard as most people think. Sure, it’s hard work, but let me tell you a truth you don’t want to hear- if you don’t work hard, you will go nowhere in life. I don’t care how much money the government gives you to sit on your ass all day, you will go NOWHERE. 

A shredded god like physique isn’t something that can be bought. This is largely because you have to actively put forth effort and there are no shortcuts. 

Tip #1 Use Motivational Factors

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Get Ripped or Die ‘Mirin

The first tip that helps people to start on their lifting journey is to use external motivational factors. Before you start lifting, think to yourself “why am I doing this?”

Older people might say health reasons, but let’s be honest here, the majority of people lift to look good. Just look at Zyzz in the photo above, YOU can look like that too with enough dedication and effort!

Because I personally don’t know you, I don’t know what motivates you specifically. But- I do know that lots of men are largely motivated by getting girls. Regardless of what girls say about “how hot dad bods are,” they’ll choose the jacked chad any day. I have a friend who has a dating strategy where he goes to the beach, takes his shirt off and waits for girls to come to him. This 100% works. Personally, I used to be a bit chubby and overweight. Now that I’m jacked, girls pay a hell of a lot more attention to me. 

Whenever you think about skipping a day, just think to yourself about all the hot girls that will want you when you’re jacked.

Another reason why people get jacked is because of social respect. This has less to do with women, and more to do with how other men perceive you. No one messes with people who are in shape and muscular. Put yourself in the shoes of a hypothetical bully for a minute- if you saw two guys, a skinny or overweight dude and a jacked dude, who would you pick on? Obviously the skinny or overweight guy. 

A jacked physique commands instant respect because it’s seen as something you can’t cheat. Even taking supplements like SARMs which are the closest thing to a “magic pill” won’t make you jacked without lifting right. 

Tip #2 Make It A Habit

A 2009 study shows that it can take you anywhere from a 18-254 days to make a habit. It takes just 21 days to break a habit or addiction. This means that you can spend months of hard work in the gym, only to have it ruined in under 3 weeks. If you really want to be jacked, you have to be extremely consistent with everything. 

In order making a habit of going to the gym, I recommend you make it part of your daily routine. The good thing is, you don’t need to spend that much time of your day in the gym. Personally, I spend 2 hours and 6 days a week lifting. That’s 2 out of 24 hours a day, and 12 out of 164 hours a week. When you think about it, it’s not that much time for the benefits you get. 

If you’re like most regular guys, you probably work a 9-5 job. If that’s you, I recommend working out early in the morning (6-8am). Your earliest hours are your most productive, so give them to yourself instead of your boss! If that doesn’t work for some reason, work out in the evening (6-8pm). 

If you’re in high school, you probably already wake up early, so morning workouts aren’t ideal. Right after school is the best time to workout for your age group. Take one of the best pre workouts on the market before you lift. 

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Tip #3 Learn To Enjoy It

Getting a god like physique is something that you’re either all in on, or not in at all. Force yourself to go to the gym until it becomes the best part of your day. No excuses. Luckily, when you work out your body releases endorphins. Those endorphins lead to positive feelings and a sense of calmness. 

The most jacked people on the planet are addicted to lifting. It’s not surprising when you see the benefits and get a mental health boost. 

Lifting for most people isn’t seen as fun, and it’s understandable why at first. But, once you start getting addicted to the benefits and results, it will be the best part of your day. This is done the easiest by taking before and after photos every month. If your goal is to shred fat, try to make each months before and after picture better than the next ones. 

This does two things: one, it shows you that you’re actually making process and not wasting time. Two, it motivates you so you don’t look bad in the pictures you send everyone!

Lifting weight and going to the gym is a lifestyle, you’re either in or out.


To wrap it up, getting motivated to go the gym is something most people can’t do. BUT, if you utilize these key tips you’ll stand out from everyone else. Use motivational factors like visualizing yourself being jacked and having tons of hot girls approach you. Make a habit of going to the gym so you don’t ever miss a day. Finally, enjoy the process. You obviously won’t at first but being a gym bro is a lifestyle. Go get jacked.

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