On June 29, 2021, powerlifter and Kabuki Strength CEO Rudy Kadlub posted a video to his Instagram page of himself squatting (with wraps) a record 200 kg (440.9 pounds), one kilogram shy of the current Masters (70-74) squat world record in the 110kg weight class held by Jean-Paul Belmas. Kadlub is working to break that record and said he expects to accomplish the goal in July.

Kadlub’s recent squat is a sign of the progress he’s been making these past few weeks. In the week prior, he squatted 430 pounds.

How To Squat 600lb Completely Drug Free

Rudy Kadlub’s Massive Squat

This 71-Year-Old Powerlifter Just Set 4 New World Records

The 72-year-old has squatted heavier than Jean-Paul Belmas’s current world record of 201kg (440.9 pounds) before. His personal competition record squat in the raw with wraps category was 205kg (452 pounds) at the 2018 IPL Drug Tested World Championships. However, Kadlub was 69 at the time.

Kadlub expects to break the record at the 2021 Drug Tested USPA National Championships, which are currently scheduled for July 12-16 in Palm Springs, CA. Kadlub will compete on the final day of the competition.

How To Squat 600lb Completely Drug Free

BarBend expects Kadlub will come out on top:

Based on his competition success over the past decade, it is safe to assume that Kadlub is a near-lock for the gold.

As we’ve said before, Kadlub is a beast. The powerlifting legend has won 16 out of the 17 sanctioned powerlifting competitions he’s competed in.  He’s not lost a competition since he was 61. Last year the veteran powerlifter set records in squat, bench press, deadlift and total at the 2020 USPA Drug Tested North American Championships.

BarBend said:

Time will tell how far Rudy can extend his squat world record, or if he can break any of his other records, when he competes next month. That being said, with two and a half more weeks to go for him to finish peaking, we can expect to see something really impressive out of this long time veteran of the sport.

No matter how things go at Nationals, one thing is clear: Rudy Kadlub is one of the most inspiring powerlifters of all time.

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