Kraken Kratom Preworkout is an exciting novel product using Kratom’s uplifting, mildly euphoric, and stimulating effects to power you through your workouts — but is it really worth the buzz?

I recently purchased a bottle of 40 Kraken Kratom Preworkout pills to try something new.

For background context, I’m an experienced lifter who has tried dozens upon dozens of preworkout supplements.

But most of the preworkout supplements I have taken haven’t been anywhere near as unique as Kraken Kratom Preworkout.

The vast majority of preworkouts out there contain differing levels of the same formula: Caffeine, Creatine, L-Arginine, B-vitamins, Beta-Alanine, and Citrulline.

Some preworkout companies have toyed with new ingredients such as Rauwolscine, pure L-Citrulline, Black Pepper Fruit Extract, Huperazine, L-Tyrosine, among other additions.

However, none are as straightforward as Kraken’s Kratom Preworkout.

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Kraken Kratom Preworkout
Kraken Kratom Preworkout

It wouldn’t be fair to write a review of a simple lifting workout for this unique product.

Therefore, I will split the review into three activities — lifting, cardio, and work.

The reason for this is that some preworkout supplements that contain L-Citrulline or Beetroot Extract can improve cardiovascular output.

But at the same time, this isn’t necessarily ideal for strength athletes as intense pumps caused by the strong vasodilating effects of the aforementioned ingredients can prove cumbersome to lifting maximal loads.

If you’ve ever attempted a deadlift or squat PR with a massive backpump, you will know.

Why Kratom as a Preworkout?

Kratom has a host of benefits from euphoria, mood elevation, anti-anxiety, focus, as well as not provoking a “cracked out” comedown that is experienced after consuming a wide range of stimulants.

The energy enjoyed is mild, gradual, and manageable.

Some users reportedly supplement kratom as a means of pain relief as an alternative to other forms of medicine.

As the Opioid Crisis rages onto unabated, with dozens of deaths being registered every day, Kratom is favorably viewed as a safer alternative.

According to BarBend:  “In 2016, the DEA announced their intent to put kratom’s active constituents (mitragynine and 7-HMG) on the Schedule I drug list alongside heroin and cannabis. They withdrew their intent a few months later, but they continue to insist that, “there is no legitimate medicinal use for kratom” and in late 2017 the FDA said they had “evidence to show that there are significant safety issues associated with its use.””

Additionally, “Kratom stopped being monitored in 2018 by the World Antidoping Agency,” according to Kratom Science.

“In Malaysia, we see footballers often use kratom tea to increase performance and to overcome fatigue after a football match,” signaled the University of Science Malaysia’s Dr. Darshan Singh. “In Western society, you may see athletes who are involved in weight lifting sports consume kratom to treat pain or to increase stamina.”

Smaller doses of Kratom can have beneficial performance enhancing qualities in a fitness capacity.

Kraken Kratom’s Preworkout contains 50mg of Standardized 45% Mitragyna speciosa extract per capsule, to bring you a mild rush before training.

Alongside its numerous other immediate benefits, there appears to be some evidence in Kratom boosting the immune system, per Vents Magazine.


For my lifting review, I opted to do a simple chest day.

I was a little short on time as I had other commitments and the benches were taken, so I opted to do Floor Press for 10 sets of 10 reps then finish up with some cosmetic touches.

As I was nursing a mild pec strain, I had to be fairly cautious with my weightload, and chose to hit 225lb for 100 total reps.

I had more than plenty of reps in reserve after each set, but I rested a minute between each set.

My strength levels were below average, but I attribute this to being in a deep caloric deficit — and not the Kratom preworkout itself.

Getting through the workout was OK; mood was good and I would’ve done more than just cable crossovers to finish if time had permitted.

After finishing the commitment I had after the gym, I went for a nice long walk in the spring evening sun which further elevated my mood.

The workout itself gave me an unearthly chest pump, but 10x10s often do that anyway.

Overall, for strength or a pump a Kratom preworkout alone isn’t enough as other pathways need to be tapped into for an enhanced workout.

This supplement did, however, give me laser-like focus, which I will discuss in my third review.


kraken kratom
Our Kraken Kratom banner

I am aware that some fitness enthusiasts take preworkout supplements before doing cardio and/or aren’t that interested in hitting the weights as hard.

Last night, I dropped a Kraken Kratom preworkout capsule 30 minutes before doing my evening cardio as I felt that the attention and mild euphoria brought about by the supplement would make the experience more effortless.

Although the bottle recommends taking 1-2 capsules 30 minutes before your workout, it took slightly longer than the prescribed timeframe for the supplement to affect me.

My evening cardio sessions are simply a brisk uphill walk for 45-60 minutes depending on how I feel on that day.

I sometimes throw in some hill sprints if I’m particularly energetic.

This time, I put on some YouTube videos and completed 55 minutes — although I could’ve gone for a lot longer.

While there wasn’t any noticeable direct increase in cardiovascular performance, the mild euphoric effects and elevated mood from the Kratom Preworkout supplement helped the time fly by.

Sometimes, after a long day’s work, you feel disinclined on go through with your workout.

If you need a quick morale boost, this Kratom Preworkout supplement can help with getting you through your session.

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Now, for me, the Kratom Preworkout supplement has shown most promise for working.

The jolt of energy, euphoria, and laser-like focus I got from this supplement assisted in fueling grueling stretches of work.

The Kratom Preworkout supplement offered inspiration for writing, as well as no loss of determination when performing other tasks.

On my first use of the Kratom Preworkout, I dunked a capsule after a 12-hour workday with the intention of a cardio session.

Sadly, I was so fatigued, I didn’t have enough energy to go through with the cardio session.

Despite this, I was watching TV with my wife, and notwithstanding my state of fatigue, my attention span and focus were heightened when the supplement kicked in.

In my opinion, however, although Kraken’s supplement is a powerful agent to enhanced work, I feel like it would be even better to enhance reading or studying due to the ostensibly improved cognitive abilities and knowledge retention.

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Kraken Kratom Preworkout
Kraken Kratom Preworkout as it arrived

Unlike other euphoria-enhancing and mood elevating substances, I did not have any comedown whatsoever.

Off other substances in my early adulthood, I would sometimes feel awful after the high subsided.

Even with caffeine or other preworkouts I notice a mild comedown if I’ve taken a hefty dose.

With this preworkout, the come-up and comedown are very smooth, to the point where they’re seamless.

However, as a preworkout alone, it comes up lacking in other performance enhancing departments.

While mood elevation, energy, and focus are extremely important when choosing a preworkout supplement — and don’t get me wrong, it delivers — its singular ingredient misses out in other areas.

For example, the addition of Creatine, L-Citrulline, and Malic Acid (Beta-Alanine and L-Arginine are grotesquely overrated) contribute towards a supraphysiological workout.

But as a little pick-me-up before cardio or a leisurely workout, Kraken’s Kratom Preworkout can add value to your workout.

Another desirable aspect of this preworkout supplement is the fact that it doesn’t require a ton of water to create a clumpy solution that you would find with many preworkouts.

Some lifters report nausea, heartburn, excessive urinating, and irritation after consuming many traditional preworkout supplements.

The capsule form of this preworkout gives it an edge over the conventional powdered form.

Other preworkouts also underdose many active ingredients — belying their lofty price tags — forcing consumers to purchase Creatine, for example, in addition to their underdosed preworkout supplement that advertises those active ingredients.

This preworkout doesn’t “sweeten the deal” by advertising underdosed products to fatten their profit margins.

If traditional preworkouts leave you jittery or you are sensitive to caffeine, but you want a boost, then this preworkout is highly recommendable to help you power your training.

I intend to use this preworkout supplement in future for a little kick before cardio and work on days I lack the energy and when coffee doesn’t quite cut it.

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Mark Bell talks about the benefits of Kratom

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