Kraken Kratom preworkout drastically increases my work productivity.

In the past, we have reviewed Kraken Kratom’s preworkout. However, I don’t use it to hit the gym, but to scythe through large workloads.

If I need to write multiple posts a day, its mood elevation, focus, and energy helps me effortlessly write for hours.

Instead of opting for more traditional nootropics or coffee, this puts me in a certain relaxed mood perfect for taking on the day.

From our article reviewing the preworkout.


Now, for me, the Kratom Preworkout supplement has shown most promise for working.

The jolt of energy, euphoria, and laser-like focus I got from this supplement assisted in fueling grueling stretches of work.

The Kratom Preworkout supplement offered inspiration for writing, as well as no loss of determination when performing other tasks.

On my first use of the Kratom Preworkout, I dunked a capsule after a 12-hour workday with the intention of a cardio session.

Sadly, I was so fatigued, I didn’t have enough energy to go through with the cardio session.

Despite this, I was watching TV with my wife, and notwithstanding my state of fatigue, my attention span and focus were heightened when the supplement kicked in.

In my opinion, however, although Kraken’s supplement is a powerful agent to enhanced work, I feel like it would be even better to enhance reading or studying due to the ostensibly improved cognitive abilities and knowledge retention.

 Kraken Kratom


Kraken Kratom Preworkout
Kraken Kratom Preworkout as it arrived

Unlike other euphoria-enhancing and mood elevating substances, I did not have any comedown whatsoever.

Off other substances in my early adulthood, I would sometimes feel awful after the high subsided.

Even with caffeine or other preworkouts I notice a mild comedown if I’ve taken a hefty dose.

With this preworkout, the come-up and comedown are very smooth, to the point where they’re seamless.

However, as a preworkout alone, it comes up lacking in other performance enhancing departments.

While mood elevation, energy, and focus are extremely important when choosing a preworkout supplement — and don’t get me wrong, it delivers — its singular ingredient misses out in other areas.

For example, the addition of Creatine, L-Citrulline, and Malic Acid (Beta-Alanine and L-Arginine are grotesquely overrated) contribute towards a supraphysiological workout.

But as a little pick-me-up before cardio or a leisurely workout, Kraken’s Kratom Preworkout can add value to your workout.

Another desirable aspect of this preworkout supplement is the fact that it doesn’t require a ton of water to create a clumpy solution that you would find with many preworkouts.

Some lifters report nausea, heartburn, excessive urinating, and irritation after consuming many traditional preworkout supplements.

The capsule form of this preworkout gives it an edge over the conventional powdered form.

Other preworkouts also underdose many active ingredients — belying their lofty price tags — forcing consumers to purchase Creatine, for example, in addition to their underdosed preworkout supplement that advertises those active ingredients.

This preworkout doesn’t “sweeten the deal” by advertising underdosed products to fatten their profit margins.

If traditional preworkouts leave you jittery or you are sensitive to caffeine, but you want a boost, then this preworkout is highly recommendable to help you power your training.

I intend to use this preworkout supplement in future for a little kick before cardio and work on days I lack the energy and when coffee doesn’t quite cut it.

 Kraken Kratom

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