On June 13, powerlifter Nabil Lahlou deadlifted 315 kg (694.5 pounds) for an unofficial world record for the 67.5kg weight class. Lifting 4.7 times his bodyweight, Lahlou performed the impressive lift without straps, knee sleeves or lifting suit and with a calm look.

Click here to watch the footage.

Nabil Lahlou’s Amazing Relative Strength

The current raw deadlift world for the 67.5kg weight class is 310 kg (683.4 pounds) and held by Daniel Clements, according to Open Powerlifting. Lifting over four times his competition body weight, Clements achieved the feat at the 2020 USA Powerlifting Virginia Winter Wrecker. With 315kg, Lahlou surpassed it by 5kg, but his lift wasn’t performed in a competition so it didn’t displace Clements’ lift.

How To Achieve Better Deadlifts

According to BarBend, Lahlou has higher aspirations than beating the current world record:

Lahlou did not state specifically when he will attempt 335-kilograms (738.6 pounds), but his current programming suggests that he will attempt it very soon. His recent trips to the gym involve a lot of heavy deadlifts, including a four-rep PR with 288 kilograms (635 pounds). Check it out here if you have not yet seen it:

Lahlou has indeed been training hard. On May 3,  Lahlou posted a video on Instagram of himself pulling 2 reps on a 640 pound deadlift and pulls one rep over 700 pounds.

The young powerlifter already has the third heaviest deadlift ever under his belt at 306kg (674.6 pounds) for his performance the 2021 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Drug Tested District Championships. In the competition before USPA, he scored a 628.3kg deadlift in the 2021 PWRBLD Gym March Madness Powerlifting Meet.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Monstrous Deadlifter

BarBend asks: 

Assuming he walks into his next sanctioned meet with the same swagger he has when approaching a world record-weighted barbell in the gym, it won’t be a question of will he claim the record, but by how much?

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