Larry Wheels: From Strength to Strength

In preparation for his next competition, powerlifter and youtube personality Larry Wheels returns to the squat rack and hits an 827lb squat for an impressive three reps.

Wheels is no stranger to insanely heavy squats, with an unbelievable 900lb single rep squat under his belt.  Additionally, he just smashed a new PR of 835lb under wraps and 852lb double squat only a couple of months ago in July 2021. 

However, after a recent foray into arm wrestling, the athlete has been noticeably absent from the powerlifting scene. For the past couple of days, fans were left wondering what Wheels was doing to train for the RPS Long Island Insurrextion, a powerlifting meet set for September 11th. 

This new video of Wheels hitting an 827lb squat has laid any concerns to rest.  Considering this is just 25lbs lighter than his 852lb double squat, hitting an additional third rep demonstrates how dedicated and committed to growth Wheels is. 

In regards to the godlike feat, Wheels nonchalantly captioned his lift:

Wait for it… then wait for it again. Then wait for it one more time!

It is presumed that the footage was captured during a training session with fellow powerlifter, Joey Coriaci, that was uploaded on Wheels’ youtube channel. Around the 27:00 mark, after Coriaci also hits an 827lb squat, the two sit down to discuss Wheels’ mindset. Stoically, he comments:

Now I just look at the bar, regardless of what I’m doing, and just think of what I have to do to execute the lift properly. I try to have that tunnel vision, I focus like nothing else matters… because I don’t want to make any small mistakes that could cost me the lift. 

This recent development demonstrates that Wheels has matured beyond just brute force, reaching a new peak in his athletic career and psyche. While his plans for powerlifting after September 11th remain up in the air, it is clear that great achievements are still in store for the young powerlifting icon.