You can’t keep Larry Wheels from setting new personal records. This time during an upper-body workout, he accomplished an insane deadlift, seven reps of 347kg (765lb)

2021 has been a weird year for the young athlete. While Wheels has consistently set new PRs and lifted increasingly heavier weights, he’s gone through a couple of injuries, both minor and major. Most recently, he suffered a minor quad injury during a 900lb squat so he’s been taking a break from super heavy squats and other intense leg exercises. 

Wheels was thus presented with the perfect opportunity to break his two-month hiatus from deadlifts and return to the gym to smash a new PR. He was joined in the gym with bodybuilder Regan Grimes to do some dumbbell overhead presses and bench press in addition to his deadlifts. When it came time to do the deadlifts, he used a lifting belt and wrist straps. 

A 347kg deadlift is an impressive one rep max, but Wheels managed to complete a whopping seven reps with relative ease. While it did look like he was struggling a bit on the fifth rep, he managed to complete it and bust out two more. 

Wheels kept his commentary simple, stating;

“765/347 x7 rep PR. Haven’t deadlifted in 2 months. Rest can do wonders!”


It’s good to see Wheels back doing deadlifts, which some might say is his best exercise. Maybe if he keeps up the work, he’ll be able to beat out his current PR, a monstrous 419kg (924lb) single rep. 

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