Powerlifter Larry Wheels has been putting some serious work into the gym recently, smashing crazy PRs such as a 952lb squat with chains and an 827lb raw triple squat. Unfortunately, all these crazy lifts took their toll on the young athlete as where he’s injured his quad during his latest leg training session. 


Larry Wheels Quad Injury

Only last week did Larry Wheels break his squat PR, pushing a monstrous 952lbs for one rep. He attempted a second but something in his leg popped which draw concern. While Wheels ended the training video dismissing the sound as something minor at the time, a new training video revealed this week might have shed some light on what was really going on. 


On September 16th, Wheels uploaded a video to his youtube channel titled “DESTROYING MY QUAD DURING A HUGE SQUAT”. While the first part just goes through the regular motions of another training session as Wheels builds up to a 900lbish squat, it takes a quick turn as he attempts to lift the weight.

Although Wheels goes through the eccentric portion of the squat, a sudden quad injury prevents him from completing the concentric motion. He suddenly drops the bar off his back, where it is safely caught by the suspension straps. 

In a recent Instagram post, Wheels reveals more information on his mindset regarding the injury and its significance to his lifting. In a lighthearted caption, he writes:

“Everything was going great until I ripped my quad in half ?

Another day in the office!”

Fortunately, Wheels is known for his quick recovery and insane stamina so the quad injury might be healed earlier than expected. Wheels himself has said that he has already received medical attention and that it should take 10-14 days for a full recovery from the muscle tear. 

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