If you want to lose fat forever, there are various steps you must subconsciously take to guarantee long-term success.

The hardest part of weight loss is not losing fat — it’s keeping it off forever.

The devil makes work for idle thumbs.

And one of the reason why you comfort eat is due to boredom.

Which is why you have make your lifestyle and mindset one that doesn’t entertain the possibility of overeating.

I won’t discuss why boredom may arise, but we must attack all sources of overeating.

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One of my most frequently asked question is “how do I keep the fat off once I lose the weight?”

Fat loss is a journey; leanness is your destination.

But will there be trouble in paradise?

1. Lose Fat Forever: Find a Purpose

lose fat forever

To ensure that you keep the fat off forever, you HAVE to find a purpose — and, in that, a purpose that is connected to your staying lean.

That purpose can be for your health to stick around longer for your kids; to help you find a suitable spouse; to play sports; to live pain free.

If you lack a purpose, there’s nothing tethering you to your new lifestyle.

My purpose, in part, is you guys.

I don’t want to see people suffering from overeating. I want to show you that there is a way out. I want to show you how much better life can be.

And that is part of my purpose — to help you lose fat forever.

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2. Lose Fat Forever: What is The Root Cause to Your Overeating?

You have also got to figure out what the root cause of your overeating is — an abusive parent, bereavement, being bullied as a kid, or something that made you stick out from the rest.

Now, for this one, you might need the guidance of a therapist, time in solitude, the help of a loved one, your friends, and deep introspection to get to the bottom of.

If you can, try to make your peace with what caused you to overeat; if you cannot, cut it from your life.

For me, it was a narcissistic close family member who passed away.

I still haven’t found true peace since their demise, but it is on the mend one day at a time.

For those who haven’t had experience with a narcissist, the media has downplayed how destructive of a personality trait it is. They’re like The Terminator — can’t be reasoned with and nothing will get in the way of their objective. No one.

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3. Lose Fat Forever: Choosing The Correct Diet Model

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You should also find a diet model that supports your intended lifestyle.

Try to find a fitness pursuit that you enjoy! Doesn’t matter what, just enjoy it more than comfort eating, to the point where you value your pursuit more than comfort eating.

It can be powerlifting, surfing, soccer, tennis, golf, tiddlywinks, chess, WHATEVER.

Just make sure you find something physical that you wouldn’t sacrifice for food.

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4. Lose Fat Forever: Shift Your Identity With Your Mindset

Your mindset shift should also be an identity shift.

Overeating isn’t something you do anymore — it isn’t who you are.

Eating sensible meals that keep you at or near your target weight is what you stand for.

You don’t have legendary 10,000 calorie binges anymore.

That’s in the past.

That was a different person.

It’s not who you are or what you do.

Remember how you felt when you were that big?

The lack of self-confidence, the low energy, constant digestive issues, low libido, self-consciousness, bouts of depression/anxiety, chafing, malaise, and so forth.

Would you risk giving it all up for some momentary releases of comfort?

This regret would be bigger than the regret of never trying. After having succeeded, having it in the palm of your hand, then letting it get away.

I gave it up once.

When I was 16 I got really into cardio.

Lost a lot of weight, close to having abs.

But I discovered partying — and lots of booze.

Then the weight creeped back up and the bad eating habits returned to accompany my bad boozing habits.

Looking back at old photos before my party days when I was lean was crushing.

I had it.

In the palm of my hands.

I was so close.

Why did I let it go?

I was immature, had several maturity/emotional issues, and no concept of the deferral of gratification.

A big element of keeping the weight off for good is maturity.

Yes, a strong mindset helps, but it is useless without discipline.

And discipline without a goal is self-torture.

You will begin to resent the reasons why you started, thus making it harder for you to start again in the future.

Find your purpose, kings.

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