We’ve noticed a lot of people talking about maca root and its supposed benefits in recent weeks.

These are said to include:

  • Improved memory
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced prostate size
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased strength

In this article we’ll put those claims to the test.

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Maca root: what does it really do?

maca root

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is grown in the Andes. It’s a cruciferous vegetable, like kale or spinach, and the roots have been used in these Andean communities for a variety of remedies.

Most people now are interested in maca root because of its supposed test-boosting properties.

It’s worth noting that most studies supporting its effects are animal studies.

One study, on rats, showed that maca root caused an increase in production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which has a significant role in the production of testosterone.

A second rat study showed a significant increase in testosterone concentration and also enhanced function of the Leydig cells, which are involved in its production. Bulbine natalensis has been noted to have a similar effect.

However, there have been no human studies to date that have convincingly substantiated these effects. Two studies of men (one, two) have shown no effects, while a study of women showed an increase.

What do exist, though, are three studies (one, two, three) which suggest maca root may increase erection strength, libido and overall well-being.

Pro-inflammatory foods, including processed food, cause low testosterone, fascinating new study

pro-inflammatory food

Pro-inflammatory foods such as processed foods are responsible for low testosterone in men, according to a new detailed study out of China.

Since we first launched our website, we’ve been reporting on the modern world’s low testosterone epidemic and the dreadful effects of eating processed food, so the importance of this new study should be clear to anybody who has been keeping up with our articles on these subjects.

In animal and human research, testosterone deficiency had already been related to higher levels of inflammation throughout the body. Men who have low testosterone are known to have greater amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines, tiny proteins produced by cells when they react to damage, illness, or inflammatory stimuli in the environment.  

A scale known as the “Diet Inflammatory Index” (DII) had already been developed to help investigate how food impacts one’s risk of inflammation, particularly in relation to other health indicators, and the Chinese researchers used this index as a central part of their research. 


Despite this lack of corroborating human studies, maca root’s nutrient profile makes it a prime candidate for improving testosterone levels in humans.

Maca contains zinc, magnesium and iodine, all of which need to be present in sufficient quantity if you want to have optimal testosterone.

Iodine, in particular, is something as much as 96% of the population may be deficient in. Without it, your thyroid won’t function properly, and testosterone levels will suffer.

The problem is not just that foods today contain less iodine than they used to, but that all sorts of toxic halogens like fluorine, chlorine and bromine in the water supply reduce its effectiveness within our bodies.

A teaspoon of maca root may contain as much as 17% of the recommended daily allowance of iodine.

The takeaways on maca root

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At present, the jury is out on whether maca is a good test booster for men.

If you’re looking for something with proven effects, we’d recommend bulbine natalensis or tongkat ali.

As a general rule, the first port of call if you think you’ve got sub-optimal testosterone should be diet and lifestyle. Most men don’t need to take a test booster: what they need is to eat properly, exercise and get enough sleep.

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