If you’ve spent any time on social media recently, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen this guy before. His name, in case you didn’t already know is Mike O’Hearn. A bodybuilder that acted in a few different movies is suddenly going viral, with tik tokers producing Mike O’Hearn Memes.

So how exactly did these Mike O’Hearn memes go viral? Here’s what you need to know.

In case you haven’t seen these tik tok memes yet, here’s a compilation of them from youtube:

Who is Mike O’Hearn?

To understand these memes better, let’s take a quick history lesson on Mike O’Hearn.

Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder, actor, fitness model and now apparently a meme on the internet. He was born on January 26, 1969, in Kirkland, Washington. Mike has been involved in the bodybuilding industry for the last few decades and has a great overall reputation.

Similar to Arnold, Mike O’Hearn used his success in bodybuilding to catapult himself to a successful acting career. O’Hearn has been featured in different movies and TV shows, with the most noticeable one being “American Gladiators” back in the late 80’s through mid 90s. Mike O’Hearn has also appeared on different fitness magazines, and now he’s popping up all over tik tok.

On top of this, Mike O’Hearn has also won many bodybuilding titles: Mr. Universe, Mr. America, and Mr. International. He is also known for his claims to be a natural with bodybuilding, and there has been some controversy over that recently. O’Hearn has a very, very impressive physique and some claim that he is on some sort of steroids, despite Mike claiming otherwise.

Mike O’Hearn Tik Tok Meme Explained

The best way to explain the Mike O’Hearn meme trend is that it is the most random, yet funny trend to appear on tik tok in the last year.

A good way to explain it is there is a Mike posing with his shirt off and then someone writes a funny caption over it.

These Mike O’Hearn memes are essentially saying that your physique is the most important thing, regardless of anything else happening.

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Of course, these memes are not serious and are just being used for satire. Almost everyone who’s seen them agrees that they’re hilarious.

These memes are always accompanied by the song “What is Love?” (Baby don’t hurt me… no more). There’s no reason why Mike O’Hearn in particular was chosen for this meme, but anything can trend at random times on tik tok for no reason at all.

Mike O'Hearn memes

A possible, deeper reason why this trend has caught fire is due to the past tik tok trends. In 2021, “fit tok” or “gym tok” started trending and has continued.

Here’s a quick tik tok trend history:

  • 2021- Present- Fitness tik tok
  • December 2021-May 2022- Sigma Males (Patrick Bateman)
  • March 2022 -Present – Andrew Tate
  • March 2023- Present – Mike O’Hearn

Teenagers would take videos of them getting as jacked as possible, and flex in the mirror. This has given rise to influencers like Alex Eubank and the Tren Twins. These influencers promote supplements such as pre workout, creatine, and their own fitness programs to make money.

Other influencers such as Andrew Tate who emphasized the importance of being physically fit have also fueled the fire that helped this O’Hearn trend start.

The Mike O’Hearn memes are just capitalizing on the past fitness trends. Every young man (the primary tik tok user) out there wants to be jacked, and O’Hearn represents an ideal jacked figure. Big arms, washboard abs, and broad shoulders are the desired male physique.

These Mike O’Hearn memes are funny, but also influence young men to start lifting in hopes of one day looking like O’Hearn.

Mike O’Hearn: What Is Love Song Meme

Every single one of the Mike O’Hearn memes is accompanied with the background music “What is Love.” You might know it as “baby don’t hurt me, no more.”

Just play the youtube video above in case you don’t know what that song is.

Another thing to mention is that the background music with the Mike O’Hearn memes is always slowed. Again, there’s no particular reason for this, it’s just tik tok.

Some of the most popular songs/sounds on tik tok are either slowed, sped up, or remixed. Aside from the great music, there’s funny captions written on the screen with it. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular ones:

  • Sir you have 1 minute left to live.” Me: “Thanks you too.
  • Cashier: that will be 10.50$ Me: *hands 10$ bill* Keep the change
  • Sir, this is your ticket, you were going 90 in 45″ “Double it and give it to the next person”
  • School starts at 9:am Me in the mirror at 10:99 am
  • Sir your being arrested for 15 charges of first degree murder” “No thank you, have a good day”
  • “Sir! You forgot your son in the car” *Me looking at myself on the camera monitor*
  • “Hello sir do you have any spare change?” “No” The loud jangled coins moving in my pocket:

These captions are accompanied by the lyrics to “What is love”
“What is love?
Oh baby, don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
No more

Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me
No more
What is love?

No, I don’t know why you’re not fair
I give you my love, but you don’t care
So what is right and what is wrong?
Gimme a sign

What is love?
Oh baby, don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
No more”

Mike O’Hearn Memes: Summary

To wrap it up, the Mike O’Hearn memes are a funny tik tok trend that are inspiring countless young men to get jacked.

O’Hern himself has an impressive list of accomplishments, from acting to winning bodybuilding titles. Overall, he seems like a positive role model figure and is inspiring. These memes are one of many trends on tik tok, so don’t take them too seriously. Just laugh, and have fun with them.

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