The gym will change your life for the better, but so many people simply give up because they don’t see results. Motivation doesn’t come easily to many — especially when they spend hours in the gym every week, track their food, only to remain the same.

And it isn’t just for muscle gain.

Remaining motivated for fat loss is just as hard — if not harder — than trying to stay motivated on your quest for sick gains.

A lack of motivation boils down to the same reason: no results.

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How to Stay Motivated in The Gym and for Fat Loss

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Why would you spend hours ostensibly torturing yourself to make gains or lose fat when results are few and far between?

So here’s how you can guarantee your success.

1) Track Your Workouts/Calories

This one is a lot easier.

All of you should be keeping a training and diet log.

One of the most frequent questions I get is: “why can’t I lose weight?”

I ask: “are you tracking your calories?”

100% of respondents will tell me “no”.

There’s your answer.

How do you know if you’re in a calorie deficit if you’re not tracking your calories?

How do you know what food is entering your body, in what quantities if you’re not tracking it?

It’s impossible to know so.

No wonder you’re not losing weight, you don’t have a prayer.

And the same applies to guys trying to gain muscle.

More often than not, they don’t track their calories.

And they don’t see results.


The principles for optimal fat loss and muscle gain are simple.

But you need to know what you’re doing.

You can’t expect to keep motivated if you don’t see results.

Whether you drop pant sizes or your sleeves become tighter, it takes a time and patience.

Rest assured, if you are tracking your food intake and workouts, your gains/fat loss will come.

For optimal fat loss, aim for 11-12 calories per pound of bodyweight unless you are super obese (300lb+).

For optimal muscle gain, aim for 16 calories per pound of bodyweight to avoid surplus fat gain.

For both, adjust your caloric intake as your weight increases/decreases to continue losing/gaining at the same pace.

It is nightmarish to remain motivated if you are merely taking a stab in the dark.

Motivation has got to come from somewhere, and results will uplift your spirit.

If you’re not tracking results, how will you remain motivated?

You see your body every day.

For both fat loss and muscle gain, your progress will come in small, non-linear increments.

Many things can affect your progress — which is why it is of paramount importance that you take various measurement and track averages over a long period of time rather than base your success on daily changes that can be influenced by sudden changes in your diet.

Too much salt consumption can make you look bloated. Dehydration can make you look depleted.

This is why you should take various measurements to remain motivated.

For both fat loss and muscle gain, you should take:

  • daily weigh-ins at the same time every morning under the same conditions
  • measurements around various sites on your body — navel, chest, upper arms, upper legs, etc
  • weekly progress pictures

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2) Track Your Progress Through Measurements

gym motivation

When I was obese, dieting for fat loss was painful at times — I would look at myself in the mirror and see virtually no difference for months on end sometimes.

Why the heck should I starve myself and feel uncomfortable if my body wasn’t doing its bit.

Motivation did not come easily at the best of times.

But I was a fool; I didn’t take measurements or progress pics.

And this was because my efforts were half-hearted and for the wrong reasons (vanity).

On days you feel down, less motivated to diet, refer back to your pictures and measurement log to avoid indulging in a cheat meal.

For guys and gals looking to gain muscle, the first few months can be tough.

You feel like you’re bleeding your heart and soul into the barbell, but your muscles aren’t growing.

Knowing that you have your diet on point, how can you know whether you are on the right path to building muscle?

Well, provided that you aren’t gaining too much fat, you should see muscle growth after a few months.

But the surest way that you can know that your efforts in the gym are going to proper use is if you are GAINING STRENGTH.

If you can add more pounds/reps to the bar, you are making progress.

This should keep you motivated to get stronger and to train harder than last time.

Progressive overload and training intensity are the essence to getting bigger.

Provided that you are adding more weight to the bar or can lift the same weight for more reps, you are getting stronger.

Remember your strength levels when you first started?

Now, that’s probably your warm up weight.

I assure you, you are making progress.

Motivation will come by seeing the wonders you have created, by witnessing first hand by how far you have come.

That’s my two cents for today.

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