The bodybuilding community has reacted with shock to the sudden death of Senthil Kumaran, a prospect who looked to leave his mark on the Olympia 212lb or Classic Physique division in the coming years.

senthil kumaran mr india

Senthil Kumaran in his last post from Instagram

Mr India Senthil Kumaran’s Tragic Passing

Kumaran, who had already won the Mr India competition in 2013, was a protégé of Chris Aceto, a bodybuilding guru who has worked with a number of greats in the sport, including Mr Olympia Jay Cutler.

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Chris Aceto with Shawn Rhoden, one of his clients

It was Aceto who announced Kumaran’s death to the world in a post on Instagram.

“It’s with incredible sadness that I am sharing the very painful news of the sudden passing of Indian super star in the making Senthil Kumaran Selvarajan. Senthil was a remarkable bodybuilder. I used to fill his ears with “we are going to the Olympia 212 or Classic for sure.” I meant it. He believed it. More important Senthil was a Kind and loving husband father and brother.

His wife is to deliver their second child within the month. Senthil is a great student and friend. I am sure all of the Indian bodybuilding community is in shock, will miss him dearly, as will his close friends and family. I miss you already. I am saddened yet feel even sadder for your family. I am so honored to have known you. ? with genuine Love and respect to you and your family.”

Although Aceto has not been specific about the cause of death, it is now being rumoured that Kumaran was another victim of India’s mounting Coronavirus disaster, which is claiming thousands of lives a day and appears to have pushed the nation’s healthcare services to the brink.See the source image

Coronavirus tests being administered in India

In a sad twist, the last post on Kumaran’s Instagram, four days before his death, was a post where he looked forward to future success: “Wait … will wait … until the day of my life on the International Stage. Soon …”

Senthil Kumaran’s last Instagram post

Sadly, for Senthil Kumaran, that day will not come in this lifetime. He is survived by his wife and son. We wish them our condolences.

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