Although newbie gains are almost always amazing, the answer to how much muscle you can gain in a year of training will shock you.

Assuming that you do everything right — train hard with progressive overload and adequate intensity, sleep and rest well, eat like the king that you are, I don’t think you’ll like the answer.

One of the problems with the modern fitness industry is that you’re sold a mirage. And newbie gains are part of this, too.

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Many of the top fitness influencers on social media have it all: great genetics, perfect diet, elite training programs, and ahem all of the right supplements.

You have been sold an illusion of what it means to be fit.

A lot of these guys have had all the planets align in their favor.

And they’re not really that healthy.

There are teenagers walking around with dense muscularity and sub-10% bodyfat.

But this will not be possible for over 99.9% of the general public — even with the requisite enhancements.

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Newbie Gains: How Much Muscle Can You Really Gain in a Year of Training?


If you train hard, track what you eat, sleep well, make very few mistakes, you can expect to gain, give or take 5lb, around 15lb of muscle.

Then you can halve that total every subsequent year.

In year 1, you can gain 15lb.

Year 2: 7-8lb

Year 3: 4-5lb

Year 4: 2-3lb

Year 5: 2lb

After about five years of solid training, you can expect to gain 1-2lb every year — drug free.

This isn’t something to be concerned with — you will look amazing after 5-7 years of natural training.

You will be unmistakably jacked!

Perhaps, you will be eclipsed by your favorite influencer, but, fitness is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Aesthetics are everything; influencer exist to drive product sales at the cost of their health.

I won’t discuss the rampant drug use of the fitness industry, but many of the top dogs aren’t healthy — shaving off several years of their life to dominate in early adulthood.

So there you have it — you don’t need to hop on the sauce.

Be patient, train hard, eat well, sleep like a baby for 5 years and you will look like a Greek God.

Don’t make any rash decisions that you will end up regretting just to fast forward your gains by a few years.

Get the most out of your newbie gains with our Beginner’s Bundle.

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