Nick Walker has achieved incredible feats after just one year of being a pro bodybuilder. In a recent video posted to his Youtube channel, Walker details the back and bicep workout that should bring him even more success on the pro scene.

Immediately after earning his IFBB pro card, Walker went on to win some of the biggest bodybuilding competitions of the year, most notably the New York Pro and 2021 Arnold Classic. After a commendable 5th place at the 2021 Olympia, Walker has been not stop improving his physique to do even better next year. This new workout is thus built specifically to address his weak points and build even more definition.

In a video titled “Back Attack”, Walker’s new routine focuses mostly on free weights, instead of machines which many bodybuilders are notorious for using to their extreme. However, he still makes use of key machines and tries to have fun during the workout. He begins the workout with some strict and controlled reverse grip lat pulldowns to loosen his lats for the rest of the routine. 

Finishing his set, he offered some good advice about ego-lifting and proper form, stating;

“Remember, it’s not about the weight. It’s about how much weight you can control. So if you can’t feel it and you’re going heavy, it just defeats the purpose.”

Another good tip. When you’re doing lat pulldown, this way that way don’t matter, dont lean back. You incorporate other back muscles. Stay more upright, targets more lats. You’ll notice you won’t be able to go as heavy but it’ll target the lats which is the point.”

Moving on from lat pulldowns, Walker elected to do dumbbells rows over barbell rows because he can contract the weight further back. He then finished the back workout with smith machine deadlifts and humblers.

After working his back, Walker moved on the biceps routine which consisted of cable standing curls, standing bicep curls, 21’s, and hammer curls. He then ended the day with some posing where he had some very insightful things to say about his physique. 

“I don’t plan on getting drastically heavier… That’s not the goal. I like how I look being 280, especially last time I was 280, I look a lot leaner.”

Check out the video below, and make sure to pay close attention to Walker’s impeccable form. 

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