This year’s Arnold Classic was a sight to behold. Only one year after his pro debut, IFBB bodybuilder, Nick Walker, shocked the world by taking first place in the open division. 


The 2021 Arnold Classic took place on September 25th in Columbus, Ohio. While many top competitors were not able to participate due to an array of difficult circumstances, some of the best athletes in the business showed up to compete. 

Nick Walker Wins Arnold in Upset

This year’s Arnold Classic hosted a variety of veteran bodybuilders, making the competition extremely difficult. However despite all the talent, Nick Walker, a relative newcomer to the bodybuilding scene, managed to upset the predictions and seize first place.

Dubbed “The Mutant”, Walker made his pro debut at the 2020 North American Championships last September. He then went on to win the 2021 New York Pro, where his reputation skyrocketed. Many saw him as one of the brightest additions to the sport while others doubted the staying power of the young athlete. But after seeing the results at the 2021 Arnold Classic, it is clear that Walker is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Walker had some close competition with seasoned bodybuilders, Iain Valliere and Steve Kuclo, who placed second and third respectively. The three athletes crushed it at the pre-judging stage, it was a close race. Walker managed to beat out his competition during the evening show. The judges deemed his sheer size, definition, and separation were deserving of the win. 


An amazing accomplishment at such an early stage of one’s career definitely calls for bragging rights, but Walker was incredibly humble in the aftermath of the competition. Through Instagram, he offered his thoughts on his victory, his praise for his fans, and his admiration for his competitors. 

He stated: 

“It was a pleasure standing next to these guys on stage, truly an honer honestly. @stevekuclo came ready to battle and we put on a great show!!!! I have 0 doubts he will coming back better then ever!!!!!!

@iainvalliere man it was so fucking fun standing next to you on stage and from battling it out on stage to busting jokes back stage and honestly just having a great time. But a true highlight for me was the way you your so supporting of me on and off the stage literally and that meant more to me then you’ll ever know man, yea we go to battle on stage, but off the stage we are best friends man and I truly appreciate you for that. Thank you bro.

Now so for everyone knows @sergioolivajr was nothing but supportive of me as well, as soon we met at the athletes meeting we instantly hit it off and had some great times backstage and was also very encouraging and I’m truly thankful for that.

The wins are one thing, but the friendships and memories made behind the scenes are what really matters!!!! Truly thankful for these guys!!!!”

While winning the Arnold Classic is an unbelievable achievement, it is truly inspiring to see how important the memories and friendships made at the contest are to Walker. With the 2021 Olympia in close proximity, all eyes should be on this young athlete as he competes alongside the absolute best in the world. 

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