Strongman Nicolas Cambi set two new world records for the 105kg (231lb) weight class at the Clash at the Corral (CatC). On September 4, in Waco, TX he smashed the block press world record and lifted 141.5kg (312lb), then went on to score the new log press world record with his 187kg (412lb) press.

The CatC is just one of the five strongman events that compose the larger 2022 Clash of the Coast Super Series (CotC). Those participating in this year’s CatC were fighting for a spot in the larger competition. While not an official participant, the 2021 CotC champion, Nicolas Cambi, still attended, taking the opportunity to try his hand at several world record attempts.

Nicholas Cambi’s Impressive Strength

Cambi began his legendary feat with a successful attempt at breaking the world’s block press record. This proved an easy task, as he surpassed the previous record by 11kg (25lb).

Normally this would be impressive on its own. Yet, Cambi saw his incredible block press as just a precursor to his real achievement, his 187kg log press. Calling it “the highlight of the weekend” in an Instagram post, Cambi described the training process for the lift:

“Out of the 3 records, this one was the most difficult to train and execute for. Compared to other overhead lifts in my career, the log did not come as natural. I prepped a challenging 10-12 week prep that I believed would put me in the best shape to get that record”

Cambi had more to say in regards to the actual log press lift itself, and its special significance to him. He stated :

“Besides the record, this lift was special for me as I was coming back from a failed attempt at 400lbs and had to dig deep to stay on track for the main objective. The block press record was neat but the Log is the King of overhead implements and has been the most contested record out of the 3.”

While the top finishers at the CatC, Michael Congdon, Bob David, and Justin Loy, put on an incredible athletic performance, Cambi stole the show. There are still four more events in the CotC, meaning many more opportunities for strongmen to qualify. However, if Cambi can replicate, or even surpass, his achievements at the CatC for the final event, it might already be game over for his competition. 

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