A bunch of Norwegian bodybuilders invade tiny town to make themselves look like giants in a humorous stunt that went viral.

Originally from 2015, any pictures and footage widely circulated social media — and continues to do so 6 years later — as the wholesome event becomes celebrated among fitness circles on social media.

Norwegian Bodybuilders Invade Town

The muscular guys rekindled their Viking spirit to invade Lilleputthammer, a tiny tourist attractive around two hours outside of Oslo. The diminutive town features all things mini including houses, shops and even a small amusement park, according to The New York Post.

“It’s hard to bust through a plateau and add more size to an already massive frame, but these Norwegian bodybuilders have discovered a secret way to look even bigger than normal,” the Central European News video says. “They hang out around tiny things” — presumably to *make things* look even bigger.

Tiny-sized town makes strapping bodybuilders look like giants
Norwegian bodybuilders enjoying a small coffee.
Tiny-sized town makes strapping bodybuilders look like giants
Norwegian bodybuilders doing pushups

The video shows the shirtless gymbros marauding through the town — flexing by doing push ups on the tiny benches, riding on a dwarfish roller coaster, and wandering looking like giants.

“This tiny cup of coffee is lovely,” one of the bodybuilders says while taking a swig from a cup the size of his thumb. “It even makes my calves look big,” one of the jacked bros jested playing to the running joke of the online fitness community where lifters around the world struggle to grow their calves.

The screenshot of Bro Science’s article on the act has been shared thousands of times this year alone.

We warmly hope that their calves have grown since the photos were taken.

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