Strongmen from all over the world gathered in Dubai for the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) contest on Friday September 17. Prominent Ukranian lifter Oleksii Novikov  ended up winning the men’s division, while Annabelle Chapman of the UK took first place during the inaugural women’s competition. 


World’s Ultimate Strongman Winners

The WUS competition is a relatively new strongman event that has been getting some crazy hype recently. Men and women compete in five different events: namely the log press, yoke walk, farmer’s walk, chainway carriage, and Atlas stone. Competitors are awarded points based on their performance during each event, with the winner having scored the most points across the five separate events. 

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Coming off of his incredible performance at Europe’s Strongest Man earlier this month, Oleksii Novikov ended up narrowly beating out Polish strongman, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, for first place. The two had an incredibly close competition, with them consistently placing either first or second for the first four events. Eventually, Novikov managed to overcome Kieliszkowski during the Atlas stone carry, cementing his position as the winner. 

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Meanwhile Annabelle Chapman had close competition with Donna Moore, also from the UK, and Melissa Peacock of Canada. Ultimately she remained the most consistent throughout the five events, clinching a first place victory.

Listed below are the final results from the competition. 

Strongwoman Final Standings

  1. Annabelle Chapman, UK32 points
  2. Donna Moore, UK30 points
  3. Melissa Peacock, Canada29 points
  4. Andrea Thompson, UK — 25 points
  5. Cori Butler, USA — 21 points
  6. Sandra Bradley, Germany — 17 points
  7. Jessica Fithen, USA — 14 points
  8. Nadia Stowers, USA — 12 points

Strongman Final Standings

  1. Oleksii Novikov, Ukraine45.5 points
  2. Mateusz Kieliskowski, Poland44.5 points
  3. Aivars Smaukstelis, Latvia34.5 points
  4. JF Caron, Canada — 32 points
  5. Konstantine Janashia, Georgia — 27 points
  6. Bobby Thompson, USA — 26.5 points
  7. Mohamad Ezatpor, Iran — 18 points
  8. Ervin Toots, Estonia — 17 points
  9. Rauno Heinla, Estonia — 15 points
  10. Ramin Farajnejad, Iran — 12 points

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