I know it’s November and all but… watching pornographic films increases testosterone levels in men, according to a 1990 study from the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.

The study did not involve masturbation, however, the effects of which on testosterone are hotly debated.

While the effects of viewing pornography on hormone levels are interesting, we’re not advocating that you start looking at pornography before you work out – or, indeed, at all, if you can help it. Breaking bad habits, including watching pornography, will be an essential part of our new program Reclaim Your Masculinity, which we’ll be dropping soon.

Watching pornography: test-boosting properties


A group of Scottish scientists got a group of eight men to watch pornography (“erotic”) or neutral videos for 20 minutes and measured the concentration of hormones in their bloody for the following six hours.

Testosterone levels rose after watching the pornography, but not to a statistically significant level, as shown in the graph below.

The anabolic effect of dirty films

Of greater interest is the effect watching the erotic videos had on the male subjects’ cortisol levels. The difference, unlike the slight testosterone boost, was definitely of statistical significance, as shown in the graph below. Cortisol is the body’s principal stress hormone and is known to be catabolic. Indeed, a recent study showed that being stressed can make the body produce myostatin, a powerful inhibitor of muscle growth.

The anabolic effect of dirty films

The scientists believe this effect is due to the interaction of prolactin and dopamine, because watching the videos was also observed to make prolactin levels go down. Dopamine is the body’s “reward” chemical and is released during sexual stimulation, which would explain why the prolactin levels went down. Prolactin is generally thought of as a pro-female hormone, given its role in lactation and other female bodily processes .

So, with cortisol and prolactin levels going down, the body would be in the right state to produce more testosterone. Simple!

To take advantage of this beneficial change in your hormonal environment, perhaps you’d want some “erotic stimulation” about an hour or so before you work out.

And this idea isn’t so silly, if that’s what you’re thinking. You absolutely can time your exercise to coincide with natural variations in your hormone levels. Many experts advocate working out in the evening rather than the morning, because the body’s hormonal balance tends to be tilted towards anabolic hormones at that time.

It’s worth noting that that this was not a study of the effects of masturbation on hormone levels, nor was it a study of the effects of habitual use, which seem to be quite different and nothing positive. In our new book Reclaim Your Masculinity, scheduled to drop early in the new year, we will discuss pornography addiction and its ill effects in great detail as part of a top-to-bottom program for you to become the man you were born to be.

So if you want a cheeky test boost, don’t reach for the mouse with your left hand… We recommend losing weight, improving your diet, lifting weights and getting more sleep.

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